Ocean City Must!

This weekend Pete and I went to Ocean City, Maryland.  We had a wonderful weekend vacation!  It was so relaxing.  My Family owns a condo at the beach.  It is in a great location and is just perfect to get away for the weekend.  I have been going to Ocean City since I was born.  My first trip to the beach I was only 2 months old.  Since I go so often I have places that are “My Places”.  These are places I usually go to every time I visit.  Sometimes I don’t hit them all, but always atleast some of them.  Harborside Bar & Grill, home of the famous Orange Crushes.  We discovered this place by accident at least 10 years ago, if not more.  We were trying to eat next door at Caption Galley’s, but the wait was crazy long.  My Mom suggested we go next door and we had a great meal and have been returning ever since.  We have all shared out great secret find with lots of our friends.  Over the past few years the restaurant has grown in popularity and now there is always a wait there.  I also try to visit Assateague Island.  This island is a national park full of wild horses.  Pete and I are Season Pass holders we go so much.  I do my best to go eat at Greenwood Farms.  This is a homestyle restuarnt outside of Ocean City in Bishopville.  It is owned by Bill and Donna Greenwood.  I am a “Regular” at a place three hours from my home.  Bill always asks me how Baltimore is and gives me updates on Paula.  Paula is the reason we started going there, my Mom used to have to speak to Paula dailey on the phone for work and Paula used to be a part time waitress at Greenwood Farms.  Seacrets is a fun Bar to visit.  During the day we sometimes go to get some frozen drinks and float around in the Bay.  It is also a great place for dinner and dancing.  It is such a fun place.  Here is little reviewof alot of the restaurants in Ocean City.  We ALWAYS visit the Boardwalk, but that is kind of a given!  Pete and I make it a point to get a Photobooth picture at the arcade each and everytime we visit the beach.  It is a must to.  Sometimes we play in the arcade, sometimes not.  One desert I need each time is a Kohr Bros. Orange Sherbet!  OMG soo good!  When we are in Ocean City Pete never lets us leave with out a trip to the Bath and Body Works Outlet.  Tropical Passionfruit is his scent of choice.  When I leave Ocean City I usually travel home by way of Rehoboth Beach.  Growing up we had a summer home here and would stay all summer (with Dad visiting on weekends), it holds a place near and dear to my heart!  It has changed considerably in the past 18 years since my parents sold our summer home, but it is still loved.  Now in Rehoboth there are tons of outlets so we can’t go home with out a stop in the Disney Outlet.  I do not leave Rehoboth without eating at Louies Pizza.  I have been eating here for 29 years and it never changes!  In the past few years we have started stopping at Sonic on the way home for a Cherry Limeade.  It is sad that our closest Sonic is in Delaware!  It is about and hour from Rehoboth Beach.  I think about a ice cold Cherry Limeade all the way from the beach to sonic.  Soo good!

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4 Responses to “Ocean City Must!”

  1. cady Says:

    i’ve always wanted to go to ocean city. i can’t believe in the 14 years we lived in maryland we never went. we spent our summers at deep creek lake, about three hours north of silver spring. if you’ve never been there, you should go. there’s absolutely no humidity. it’s so nice.

  2. Ani Says:

    My BIL who moved to VA went to Ocean City recently. He says everyone who lives in the VA, MD, D.C. area go there and to Rehoboth for vacations. He says its great. Maybe when Cheese Doodle is big enough we will have to try Ocean City too since Rehoboth was such fun. Have to take CD to Rehoboth too someday.

    Mmmm Captain’s Galley I wonder if they have a sister location in Connecticut. Every time we visit Niel’s aunts in New Haven we go to Captain’s Galley. Or is it Captain Galley’s????? Hmm either way tasty seafood. LOL.

  3. Shannon Says:

    I can’t wait to go to all of your places! So fun!

  4. Michele Lane Says:

    *perks ears* Bath and Body OUTLETT??? ohhhhh Id spend a zillion dollars. I love b&B.. thier wild honeysuckle fragrance is AWESOME.

    Sonic has a special place in my heart… when I was pregnant with C I was sick (really sick) all the time and thier lemon slushes and corn dogs was something I craved almost constantly. The nearest one to here is about 20 minutes away! 😦
    It sounds like yall had such a good time. How fun!

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