Random Babble


I know I have not been posting much since Baby Princess came into my life.  How do you Moms find the time to blog.  I work all day (sneaking a few Internet minutes in here and there) then I go home and either run over to Laura’s to see Alyssa or I try to wash clothes so Pete doesn’t get upset that I spend all free time at my sisters and he has no clean underwear!  LOL  My house is falling down around me.  It is sooo a mess.  I have dirty dishes and a dirty tub and I don’t care.

Last night I went to visit the famous Brad and got a super great haircut (I just don’t see how people go to Great Clips or Hair Cuttery), then Pete and I went out to dinner (since we have no food at our house or time to cook it…See above).  I had the Fish Tacos and yum were they good.  It was my first time having Fish Tacos, but not my last!  So we get home and the wonderful, thoughtful Ani has sent Miss Aylssa a present.  So I head over to Laura’s to deliver it.  What a pretty little dress….Thank you so much Ani.  Also thank you to Shannon and Lisanne!  You guys are all so thoughtful!  Laura is in shock that people she doesn’t even know care about her and Princess so much!  I stayed at Laura;’s until after 11pm.  Aylssa was awake and I held her for like 3 hours.  I missed her so much when we were at the Ocean! 


OK I am so excited about our Wedding.  I think about it 20 hours a day, and it isn’t just me.  Nikki and I talk about it EVERY morning, Shannon recruits new cruisers daily,  Crystal and I have so many great plans for the kids, and I also can’t stop buying presents for the kids going.  LOL  This cruise has overtaken my life as much as Baby Alyssa!  LOL  Nikki and I were talking about the wonderfulness of the Disney Cruise just yesterday!  See they are really the best cruise line.  Nikki cruised for the first time with Disney back in 2002 when we took her Goddaughter on a Disney Land and Sea trip, and it spoiled her.  Nikki’s husband isn’t too keen on this cruise, his argument was he hated his last cruise.  For their Honeymoon they cruised on another cruise line.  They both hated it.  Nikki hated it because she kept comparing it to her Disney Cruise and it couldn’t compete!  I have Cruised other cruiselines, but unless I get the cruise for free, or really cheap I won’t do it again.  It just isn’t as good, it isn’t as organized, it isn’t as entertaining.  I am excited to be able to show Shannon the greatness that she was forced to listen to me talk about on our cruise in 2005.  I couldn’t help comparing the dinning, the entertainment even the room size!  Disney is 55% bigger then industry standard, you know.  We have a bunch of first time cruisers going with us for our Disney Wedding and now they too will all end up never wanting to cruise with another cruise line again!  LOL 


4 Responses to “Random Babble”

  1. Ani Says:

    Hey it makes sense you want to all your time be centered around baby and the wedding. Makes sense. Chores can wait. LOL.

    Did you guys like the shirt too? I thought it was perfect for Princess.

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    I remember when I was planning my wedding. I was bridebrained. I am kind of anal about planning and I tend to make people a little nuts with my details. I am already making Steven crazy with plans and details for our two trips this year.

  3. Lisanne Says:

    I’m so glad that her gifts arrived OK! I thought that they would be much-needed items!

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    lol you are so funny… and after a while it is so easy to ditch the kiddos for alone time… just wait hehehe!

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