Medical Worries

I haven’t posted about this stuff yet because I was too scared to actually write it all down.  In my mind if I wrote it down then it became real.  I don’t deal well with Medical problems.  I hate them I try at all cost to avoid them.  I know this stems from my Mom being sick for so long, she had so many doctor appointments and hospital stays.  It makes me shudder thinking about it all.  I also think this is the reason I am so against elective surgeries.  I just could never submit myself to something (surgery, medical procedure, etc.) that wasn’t 100% necessary to save my life.  I hate hospitals and I hate doctors.  It all reminds me of my Mom being sick and dying.  I just can not wrap myself around why people pay thousands of dollars to be put to sleep and be operated on only to go through weeks of pain and suffering for a new nose or some huge boobies!  Thankfully I do not get sick often and I am healthy!  My last bout of sickness in January was very rare.  I had not been to see my doctor (Primary…I go to the Girlie Doc every year!) before that in over 3 years.  I have perfect blood pressure and sugar and hope to keep it that way! 

Anyway enough about me on to the Dads in my life:

My Dad – My Dad is the only parent my sister and I have and we try to keep him as safe and healthy as possible.  He HATES doctors, more then I do.  Well he has been having some weird problems.  His back hurts all the time (he refuses to let Pete adjust him) and recently his stomach has been getting tight and he has been feeling crappy.  Well thanks to Dr. Google I was sure he had an Aortic Aneurysm.  I made him a Doctor appointment and Laura went with him last week.  The doctor said his Blood Pressure was fine (I always worry about this since his mother died of a heart attach and high blood pressure) but he did have a small hernia.   His doctor sent him for a sonogram of his belly.  Afterwards my Dad joked that he was having twins.  LOL  Well the doctor got back with him yesterday and thankfully nothing is wrong.  No Aneurysms!  He does have a small cyst on his kidney, but the Doctor said it was nothing to worry about.  The Doctor recommends a Colonoscopy.  My Dad is sooo not wanting this.  I figure I will give him a few weeks and then just make the appointment for him.  That is the only way to get him to go forward with any medical related procedure.  So I am very thankful to report my Dad is fine!  

P.Daddy – Pete’s dad isn’t in  great health.  He has had a rough couple of years here.  He had bad knees and a bad back, most likely from years of physical work, he was a union carpenter for most of his adult life.  A few years ago, right before Pete’s parents moved to Arizona his Dad was at our house and developed Bells Palsy.  His entire left side of his face went numb and kinda just hung there.  It also effected his speech and legs some.  It really effected his vision on that side.  Pete researched it and his dad started alot of natural remedies.  They helped alot and he has full mobility back.  His eye still bother him especially at night.  Back in September, I think, his Dad was sick with a chest cold that led to pneumonia.  He went to the hospital after stubbornly putting it off and they discovered that he had a heart attack and pneumonia and his blood sugar was off the charts!  This scared me to no end and I spent lots of time being scared and worrying about him (and Pete too…..He plays tough, but has no idea what it is like to lose a parent).  He started recovering and was doing fairly well by the time we went to visit in November.  Things were cooling down in AZ and he had weened off of the oxygen and was continuing to get stronger.  Last week he was feeling the beginnings of a chest cold and didn’t get to the Doctor right away.  He tried to self medicate, but only got worse until he ended up back in the Hospital.  They discovered pneumonia again and then decided he had experienced another small heart attack.  UGH!  Why?? Hasn’t he been through enough!  His Sugar was also nuts again.  He has diabetes and usually controls it with insulin.  So he is in the hospital all the way across the country and Pete’s mom now is really sick too.  His sister isn’t the most vocal and doesn’t share all of the information with us as I would like.  She also doesn’t ask all the questions I have!  It is so frustrating for both me and Pete.  More so me cause I am nosier.  Then on Wednesday we get a call that they are going to operate because he is bleeding internally and they don’t know why or where!  Well this makes me have a thousand more questions that never get answered.  Thankfully before the cut him open they realized, they being the moron doctors, that he was not bleeding internally that his blood count was screwy from blood thinners they gave him upon admitting him to the ER.  UGH!  Sooooo  P. Daddy is home, as of yesterday and is starting to feel better!  I am so relieved and I know Pete is too!

So these issues along with little Miss Alyssa are the reasons I haven’t been posting as much as usual!      


2 Responses to “Medical Worries”

  1. Ani Says:

    Oh Lisa I am so sorry. I’ll pray for both of your daddy’s.

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    Gosh. Thats a lot to deal with. I totally get you about freaking out when your dad gets sick. I get all freaky when my parents are sick..

    For your Daddy, did you mean COLONOSCOPY? or COLONOSTOMY?

    Colonoscopy: a test where they send a light and a camera to take a look at things from the other end.
    Colostomy: A procedure where they re-route the colon to empty waste through a hole called a stoma into a bag. Often a permanent situation

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