Opening Day

GO Orioles!

Alyssa went to her first Oriole Game today! It was Opening Day here in Baltimore and the city smelled like hot dogs and traffic was horrible….ahhh Baseball season has started! I was sad I didn’t get to go to her first game, but my sister sent me pictures of Princess all dressed and ready to go! Isn’t she the cutest Oriole Fan!

New Jersey

Pete and I went to New Jersey this weekend.  We have great friends that live in New Jersey and when we visit them we have a fabulous time.  They have the cutest little girl who is so fun to be around.  I love her so much.  The weekend we laid around the house alot and watched some movies and relaxed.  Sometimes you just need a break weekend, one to recharge! 

On Saturday evening we went to eat at a deli names Harold’s.  OMG The sandwiches were HUGE.

 Pastrami Sandwich  Corned beef Sandwich  Pickles from the Pickle bar

  The biggest I have ever seen!  We ate off of them for 3 meals!  The deli gives you as much bread as you want to take home with you, they know you will have leftovers.  They also have a pickle bar with like 20 differant kinds of pickles.  It is crazy!  We also shared one piece of Cheese cake between 4 adults and one child…there was plenty!

Cherry Cheese CakeCherry Cheese Cake

All of the pictures are HERE.


I am so happy it is Friday!  Pete and I are going away for the weekend, it was Payday, and my hair looks really good today!  All are three very important things.  LOL 

I love when we go away.  It makes me so happy to have places to go and people to see.  One day when I am rich I plan to just travel around for atleast a year.  Ahhh when am I hitting the lottery again?  Hopefully soon!  LOL 

Paydays are my favorite days.  even when I have to use all the money on bills.  It just makes me happy.  I like paying bills.  I like spending money more, but I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I pay a bill!

Good Hair….Well I have good hair days alot, with my hair it looks decent 95% of the time, but it makes me really happy when it looks exceptional… today! 


The baby is getting so big and so old so fast!  She is already 8 weeks old today!  8 weeks!  She is holding her head up and staying away for long periods of time.  She is moving around so much!  Last night I “babysat” her while Laura painted and I had her all to myself for 3 hours!  It was great.  We napped and watched the Real World Road Rules Challenge.  LOL  I took lots of pictures too.  I will update my flickr tonight.  I am so happy Laura is going back to work.  This means I will be babysitting 4 days a month atleast.  I love her and miss her so much when I don’t see her every other day or so! 

Wedding Bells

I am soo very excited about the wedding.  We (Me, Pete, our friends and co-workers) talk about it daily!  Last night I was on the phone with my friend Kim for about an hour!  She gave me the information to apply their final payment to their cruise!  EKKK!  They are the first paid in full guests.  I feel like I should give them a prize or something.  I am so excited!  This cruise wedding was defiantly the way to go.  All of our really close friends are going to be there.  We have like 30 guests coming and atleast 10 cabins booked!  We are still waiting on 2 or 3 other cabins of people to make up their minds!  This wedding is just going to be perfect!  It is so us!  I love that so many people are coming, it is always a fear that it would have only been us and our parents.  I am also excited about sharing the cruising experience with the people who have never cruised!  Cruises are great vacations and Disney knows how to do them the best!  Atleast the best of all the cruise lines I have been on.  They are my only repeat cruise.  This will be my 4th Disney Cruise!  Pete is excited about his first cruise also!

This weekend we are going to visit Edwin and Kim in New Jersey and I am super excited.  They are our best “Couple Friends”.  We all get along so well.  Ed and Pete were fraternity brothers and are so close.  Soon as Kim and I met we clicked.  I feel like we have been friends forever!  I love when you have connections with people like that.  Like Michele, soon as we became friends it seemed like we have been friends forever and although Shannon and I have only been friends 5 or 6 years it seems like a lifetime!  I am a lucky girl!  I am sure Kim and I will be doing tons of Cruise/Wedding talk this weekend!  I can’t wait.  I think she is as excited as I am!

Not Enough Time in the World

You all know we are going to Disney World for our honeymoon.  I am super excited.  Last night Pete and I were going over our itinerary for our time at the Happiest Place on Earth, and we realized we are just not going to have enough time there.  We will be there from Thursday til Wednesday.  That is 7 days, but with travelling and all we will only  have 5 park touring days.  Now for those of you who have been to Disney World you know that to fully see everything you need atleast 10 days.  I knew planning this that we wouldn’t be able to see it all, but in my head I didn’t realize that 7 days is really 5 days.  I like to have 2 days in the Magic Kingdom and 2 in Epcot and a full day shopping in Downtown Disney as well as a full day at each or the other parks, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  This is not even including any water parks or mini golf or Disney Quest!  Pete and I talked about it and we decided we will just go slow and not try to cram everything in, relax!  We are on the Dining Plan, which not only will save us a ton of money but will allow us to eat at some 4 star quality restaurants.  I am excited about having dinner in places you have to dress up.  I know I will love our honeymoon and I will love being able to see Ryleah enjoy her first trip to Disney World, but I wish I had scheduled us a few more days.  Oh Well guess we will need to go back next year!  LOL


Letter to Me

I read about this on Michele’s Blog.   

Brad Paisley has a song “Letter to Me”. In the song he talks about what he might write in a letter to his 17 year old self if he could.  What things would I tell a 17 year old me?

5 Things I might tell a 17 year old me if I could.

1. Go to a 4 year College (out of state), who cares about a new car!

2. There are other fish in the sea, it’s alright to love him, but still give others a chance, you will have more fun that way 😉

3. Spend as much time with your mom as you possibly can!

4. He isn’t the good guy you think he is, he will hurt you and others that you care about, run don’t walk away from him!

5. Good credit is really really important.

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