Busy Busy

I have been a busy Girl!  I spent a good part of the weekend with my sister and Princess Alyssa! 

Friday night we took the baby out to eat.  As soon as the appetizer came out the baby needed to eat!  Laura took her to the car and got her all full of boob juice and then I help her and rocked her to sleep while Laura ate.

On Saturday I hung out with Pete all day!  It was so much needed couple time.  We had a fabulous time.  We went out to breakfast, went to Game Stop and did some other errands, then we went to the Movies to see Fools Gold.  It was very cute.  Then we went home for naps before dinner.  For Dinner we went to our favorite Pizza Place.  YUM!  All in All it was a relaxing good kinda day that I needed!

Sunday Laura and I went to Target and made dinner.  Pete came over for dinner and we hung out and played with Princess.  It was such a fun weekend. 

Nikki’s Grandmother died so on Monday I went to the funeral home after dinner with Alyssa and Laura, of course(I can’t stay away)!  It was good to see some people I haven’t seen in forever. 

Last night Crystal and I went to Laura’s (surprised) to give her some gifts  Crystal Dakoda got for the Baby!  Wow was he ever amazed by some breastfeeding.  LOL 

Tonight I made dinner and my Dad came over for “Dinner and a Movie”!  We watched Fracture and it was really good.  I highly recommend it. 

So this is why I have been MIA!  I have been sooo busy!  I still have my house to clean before Shannon gets here next weekend.  I haven’t been home in forever and my poor house is a wreck!  LOL  I have to whip it into shape and fast too!

In wedding news, my Dad made another payment on the wedding….He is down to only $3,900 (give or take) still due!  The closer we get the more excited I get!  EKKK!!!   


4 Responses to “Busy Busy”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    oh good. I was jonesing for an update from Lisaland.
    It has been probably better than 6 months since I went to the movies.. Harry Potter last summer? There have been good ones that I wish Id seen on the big screen (Stardust! loved that movie.. and it would have been cool on bigscreen)
    Its SO great that Laura is making the commitement to breastfeed. Its so good for alyssa and it will help her stave off breast cancer! win win right?

  2. Ani Says:

    Glad all is well! I am sorry about your friends grandmother though.

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    wow you have been busy!

  4. Laura Says:

    I agree it was a fun weekend. Cant wait til this weekend!!!!

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