My Day……From Bad to Great

My day started out pretty bad.  I got to work and had a huge (hard) file on my desk with lots of pleadings that needed to be filed with the courts.  Ugh, yuk!  Let me tell you our business is going nuts, so many Bankruptcies and Foreclosures!  Then Shannon tells me she is so very sick and I tell her to keep her germs down south!  I am sad she isn’t coming to visit, but I don’t want her to drive so far sick and I don’t want to get sick!  So I was pretty bummed out.  When I picked Pete up he knew I was sad, so he took me out to Seaside for crabs!  I love me some steamed crabs.  YUM!  These were Larges and so full of sweet meat (wonder how many hits I will get from Sweet Meat…..LOL).  Pete was secretly happy I am not going away this weekend.  He loves when we get to spend our weekends together.  We made plans over dinner and we talked about our honeymoon and wedding through most of dinner.  It is amazing how fast it is creeping up on us.  Then when we pulled into the driveway I seen it…..The BOX!  It was next to the mailbox.  I darted out of the car and almost ran to the mail box!  I was so excited. What is in the box?  Pete is starting to flip out because I get boxes everyday.  I have so many wedding things coming to the house.  LOL  Well in the box was………….

Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse Ears for all of our (child) guests on the cruise.  We have a pair for Ryleah, Dakoda, Alyssa & Julie….Oh yeah and a pair for me!  LOL  All of my trips to Walt Disney World and I have never got my own pair of ears.   I am soo excited.  More so about these EARS!  These are the Minnie Mouse Bride Ears and I plan on wearing them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY of my Honeymoon!

Minnie Bride Ears

We also got a Camera Strap for our new SLR Camera.  Nope we haven’t bought one yet, but we have been trying them out and narrowing down our choices!

Camera Strap

So for a day that started out so crappy, it really turned around!


3 Responses to “My Day……From Bad to Great”

  1. cady Says:

    i love the bride ears!! i got a pair of ears *years* ago when my parents took me to disney world. i was so young i don’t remember much about the trip. joe and i really want to go back.

  2. Ani Says:

    Glad your day turned around! Yay! Niel and I have a photo of us in wedding Mickey hats from our honeymoon.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Love the camera strap & the ears! Ugh, I still feel like crap. My doctor put me on an inhaler. She’s worried I’m going to develop pneumonia!

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