I am still around…..

I swear I don’t know how you moms have time to blog. I am not a mom and I still have been running out of time. Alyssa is just the best so I don’t mind skipping out on some blogging to be able to spend time holding that sweet baby! Today Pete bought me an ipod! I got a pink case (an iskin of course) and a set of pink speakers for it also! Isn’t he the best. It should be to me by Tuesday. I can’t wait to get it. It we be good for all of the travel we do. I would love to have a TV show or two to watch during plane rides. I told Pete this can count as my Birthday gift. But he said nah, he wants us to go away for my Birthday. Granted it won’t be to WDW like we had planned in the past, but hey a honeymoon there 6 months later is way better! I think we are going to go to our favorite B&B for the weekend for my Birthday. My birthday is on a Monday….Should I go the weekend before or the weekend after? What do you guys think?


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