Lazy Saturday!

I love Saturdays….I know I still have a whole other day of the weekend left. Today Pete and I had a great day! We got up early and headed to the post office to apply for our passports. We got our number (they only do 30 on Saturdays) and then we went to breakfast! It was great to relax and spend time talking (about what else…the wedding of course). We went back to the post office and they were moving so slow, like 6 people in 1.5 hours. We got kind of impatient and left. I am sure the people who had nos. 23 and 24 (the numbers behind ours) were happy!  I am going to get mine on Monday and we will be first in line for numbers next Saturday! Laura and Princess came over to visit us after we got home. Gosh I love holding that baby. Me and Alyssa got to spend some one on one quality time together since Laura and Pete ran up to the store. I could just hold her for hours. I love when she talks back to you or copies you sticking out your tongue at her!

We all left together and I went over to Jodi’s for dinner and to hang out with the kids. I had a good time, it was good to catch up! I didn’t get home until late. Pete and I watched some of our TiVo’ed shows and now I an getting ready to head up to bed!


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