This morning Pete and I woke up and were craving some Bagels…not those old frozen Lender’s Bagels.  We went to Goldberg’s Bagels in Pikesville.  OMG so yummy!  We got everything bagels, and onion bagels, and rye bagels and sesame seed bagels, plain bagels, sun dried tomato bagels and maybe one or two more!  After we got our bagels and Pete had his coffee we stopped by Laura’s to drop her off a few bagels and then went food shopping at Superfresh!  Ironically Cream Cheese was on sale buy one get one free……We stocked up!  LOL  I also bought Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patricks Day….I am not a Corned Beef fan, but my Dad and Pete are so I am making this for Tuesday night’s dinner.  We got stuff to make Chicken Popergosh (an old Reese Family Recipe).  When we got home I made us some bagels and we watched a movie!  It was a nice Sunday afternoon.  The Bagels were so yummy I think we are going to kill ourselves trying to eat them all.  LOL       


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