Manic Monday

Today was so exhausting.  I woke up regular time and I took Pete to work.  Afterwards I went to my work to pick up my notary stamp and then headed to Crystal’s.  Dakoda opened the door for me and let me in.  He was very excited to see me.  He was jumping all around.  He is just the cutest boy ever.  So I went to Crystal’s room and we chatted while she finished her beatification!  LOL  Then we headed to Cookies for the best breakfast in Baltimore.  Laura and Princess met us there.  We had fun.  The baby was wearing her little Lucky Charm bib!  What a doll!  Cookies is such an eclectic place.  The waitress asked why Pete wasn’t with us.  I think we go there too much when they know us like that!  LOL  After breakfast Crystal and I headed to the health department to get Dakoda’s birth certificate, except the dumb Anne Arundel County Health department doesn’t do that and we had to head to the Ghetto to get it at the Department of Vidal Records.  Finally about two hours later we have it in our hands!  We went to my favorite post office and were seen right away.  I went first then Crystal applyed for both her and Dakoda’s Passports!  Yay!!!  We are all on our way now!  I am getting more and more excited about my wedding.  I know come the end of summer I will be over the top!  Crystal and I also went to open her new bank account at my favorite bank.  I will get a $25 gift card for recommending her.  Awesome!  That was an unexpected bonus!  Poor Dakoda had a mini meltdown on the way home.  It was 5pm and we had been on the go for 8 hours.  Poor guy!  He was very well behaved all day so we couldn’t complain.  He flipped out cause we didn’t know he was saying Chick-fil-a…..We kept guessing Chicken wings and he was pissed at us!  LOL  All in all it was a busy, but very fun day.  I got to spend it with one of my BFF’s and my favorite little boy so it was a wonderful day!

I made up some corned beef and cabbage when I got home for tomorrow’s dinner.  My whole house smells of cabbage!  P-U!  Why does something that tastes so good stink so bad.  After jon and Kate Plus Eight I am going to go up and get my beauty sleep!  I hope everyone had a great St. Patricks Day!


One Response to “Manic Monday”

  1. Ani Says:

    Glad you had a good day.

    It’s true why does something that taste so good(love stuffed cabbages) smell so stinky?

    I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 too.

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