New Jersey

Pete and I went to New Jersey this weekend.  We have great friends that live in New Jersey and when we visit them we have a fabulous time.  They have the cutest little girl who is so fun to be around.  I love her so much.  The weekend we laid around the house alot and watched some movies and relaxed.  Sometimes you just need a break weekend, one to recharge! 

On Saturday evening we went to eat at a deli names Harold’s.  OMG The sandwiches were HUGE.

 Pastrami Sandwich  Corned beef Sandwich  Pickles from the Pickle bar

  The biggest I have ever seen!  We ate off of them for 3 meals!  The deli gives you as much bread as you want to take home with you, they know you will have leftovers.  They also have a pickle bar with like 20 differant kinds of pickles.  It is crazy!  We also shared one piece of Cheese cake between 4 adults and one child…there was plenty!

Cherry Cheese CakeCherry Cheese Cake

All of the pictures are HERE.


2 Responses to “New Jersey”

  1. Catching Up! « Life, Love & Craziness Says:

    […] wish didn’t keep tabs on my life.  I finally posted about last weekend, You can click HERE to read about it!  I also have been super busy at work.  I am doing litagations and forclosures […]

  2. mamamichele Says:

    wow.. those sammies look YUMMY. I think i actually saw a show about either that place or one just like it on the food network. Mmm mmmm I love me some deli food.

    Im glad yall had a good weekend. I love to just chill and relax with good friends. SO much fun..

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