I’ll Be Lovin You For-ever……..

…………..Just as long as you want me to be, I’ll be loving you forever, All this love’s for you and me!


New kids on the Block will be on the TODAY show tomorrow, April 4, 2008! I am so excited. I already have my TiVo set up. They will also be part of the Today show’s Summer Concert Series and preform live the summer. I really hope this means a reunion tour is in the works. (Michele, are we still on for it??) I loved New Kids like I have loved no other group since. They were popular right as I was discovering boys and I discovered and lurved them! Joey was my favorite. Why? I have no idea why I didn’t love the hot bad boy Donnie Walberg?

The picture above is the first picture taken in years of them all together. They are still looking good if you ask me! So anyone else wanting to relive their youth and hit the New Kids Concert?

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2 Responses to “I’ll Be Lovin You For-ever……..”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    ohhh yeah. Them boys still look good. Jordan was my man. (you better believe it.. my sister and I fought over him.. and I traded him for a mix tape I made off the radio!)

    I am all over a NKOTB concert.

  2. cady Says:

    omg i am totally watching tomorrow. i was so in love with them (and they are even hotter now). i will be there if they come to atlanta.

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