Playing Catch Up (Again)

Ok so I am playing catch up again.  This blogging thing is getting harder and harder.  So are you all wondering what new is going on in the life of Lisa? 

  • Work is super stressful!  My forclosure case load is growing daily!  It is crazy.  I wish people would just pay their mortgage!  LOL
  • Alyssa is getting so big.  I love her so much and totally love spending time with her.  She is so sweet.  Last night I babysat for Laura and Brandon while they had a must deserved night out.  After Pete fed her she went to sleep and slept for hours.  Not much fun, but it was great snuggle time.
  • Pete and I joined Weight Watchers.  We have both been doing really good.  We don’t wight in until Wednesday, so I will let you know.  We joined about a week after good friends of ours and they are doing fabulous.  He has lost 6 pounds and she has lost almost 4…in a week!  Talk about inspiration.
  • Buying healthy food is expensive!!!  We spent so much money at the food store on Thursday! 
  • I got some more “goodies” for the kid’s cruise bags.  The Disney Store is full of sales.
  • Pete’s Best man has finally booked his trip!  YAY!  I am soo happy.  I went ahead and booked his air fare too.  Grand Total $2300!!!  For two people not including the $100 or so worth of tips.  That is what they get for waiting to the last minute.  The prices go up the closer you get to sailing.  I am just happy he is going to be their for Pete!  Now we are waiting on ONE MORE groomsman and we are set!
  • Did I mention I am in love with Alyssa…oh yeah I think I did!
  • We are only 6 months and some odd days away from our wedding!  How exciting!  It is all setting in and I still have sooo much to do!  LOL 
  • THANK YOU WORDPRESS for the Spell Checker back!
  • I made awesome Baptism invitations for our friend’s little girl’s Baptism!  I am so proud of them and I am getting much faster with Photoshop….I got them don’t in only like 15 hours (total time).
  • I am sure there is MUCH MUCH more to write.  Maybe I will write a real update later today!



One Response to “Playing Catch Up (Again)”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    see why I need a part time job… just to pay for food lol…

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