Wednesday Weigh Ins

Tonight Pete and I have our first Weight Watchers weigh in.  I am predicting 4 pounds for me and atleast 10 for Pete!  He is looking so good.  He has even had to move his belt down a notch!  A whole notch in only one week!  We have both been very dedicated.  We have not cheated or went over our daily amount of points.  Shoot I am under most days!  Pete hasn’t had a single soda either.  This is big for him.  He loves him some Pepsi.  Last night while Crystal and I were at water aerobics she asked me why I was doing this (Weight Watchers, exercise, etc.).  I told her cause I am worried about my arms looking fat in my wedding pictures.  She said that I have never worried about things (my upper arms) like this.  I told her I was never one to get married in a straples sdress before either.  LOL  What she says is true though.  I have always had high self esteemand been happy with myself.  You are who you are and I think all people are made differant.  I have lost some weight this year and I am worried that my fat upper arms will get flabby!  Right now they are fat but tight.  I am scared they will get flabby before the wedding and look horrible.  That is why I went back to water aerobics two times a week to try to tighten them up.  I am going strapless for my wedding in less then SEVEN months!  I also did this for Pete.  I know he has sleep apnea and slightly high Blood Pressure.  I think he needed me to do this with him, and come on who wouldn’t want to slim down some.  So that brings me to weekly weigh ins.  I will let you all know how much we have lost later tonight and keep you posted every Wednesday.  One thing I am worried about is if I lose too much then my wedding dress (already a bit too big) will be HUGE!  They can alter them down a few sizes with out messing up the dress right?  


2 Responses to “Wednesday Weigh Ins”

  1. michele lane Says:

    hi friend! checking in from Alaska… REALLY ready to come home. Its freaking cold and I miss my babies! 🙂 I totally get what you mean about unwanted readers.. my husbands exwife reads mine all the time. urgh. COngrats on the weight loss! I better get on the ball or yall will make me look bad on the cruise with your skinny selfs! 🙂

  2. Ani Says:

    They definetly can!

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