I Got My RING and Other Wedding Ramblings……

I am so excited.  We bought my wedding band yesterday.  It is perfect and dainty and beautiful!  I love it so much.  I have spent the morning taking it in and out of the safe to try on.  LOL  It isn’t any of the rings I have posted.  We got a good deal on it to.  Platinum is pricey!  I am all about good deals.  I am watching the Travel Channel special on the Disney Cruise Line…Yes again!  I watch it like once a week.  I get so excited watching it.  LOL  I am so glad that I picked this as a destination wedding.  I love the idea of not getting married here in Baltimore.  It will be so very hard without my Mom, but I think it would be harder here in her church, Laura’s wedding was so hard and it wasn’t even mine!  I love Disney, all things Disney, I love their attention to detail and my wedding will be a dream come true.  Now that said I am very sad that all of my family and friends will not be there to see me get married.  I will miss my old school friends and my Grandparents so so much that day.  I am happy that My Dad will be there to give me away and my sister will be there standing beside me.  I COULD NOT get married with out my immediate family there.  Pete feels the same way.  Like your day isn’t complete with out your parents there supporting you!  Plus all of my BFF’s will be there supporting me!  YAY!  I am so close, I just can’t wait!  Six months, one week and one day!  That is it!  We still have sooo many things to do!  But I have no fear….Our day will be the most special day ever! 


2 Responses to “I Got My RING and Other Wedding Ramblings……”

  1. Laura Says:

    I know I cant wait either! You are going to make such a beautiful bride! We wouldnt miss it for anything! Alyssa is getting excited too!!

  2. Ani Says:

    You will be married before you know it. That is the best part!

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