Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A week ago……Last Friday my friend Shannon drove up from the Carolina’s to visit.  She brought Michele with her.  They left Shannon’s only a little late and were pretty much on time.  This is HUGE for Shannon.  They got here after a slight scenic tour of the Harbor Tunnel and after a quick potty break we hit the road yet again for a 3 hour drive to Ocean City.  Ocean City is one of my favorite places and I was so excited to share it with my friends.  We had a great time in the car talking and singing and catching up.  It was great.  I was sure to point out to Shannon that we do have farms in here in Maryland.  Shannon was under the impression that we were all concrete here in Maryland.  LOL  She is still not 100% convinced that we have mountains.  LOL  Maybe a trip to Deep Creek is needed for her.

We got to Ocean City around 9:30pm and we headed right to Harborside Bar and Grill.  We got carded on the way in….Now for three 30 – somethings this is a big deal. 

Getting carded!

We got seats right away and of course we all got Orange Crushes. YUM! Michele got steamed shrimp and fell in love with Old Bay Seasoning. Shannon and I split my favorite Parmesan Fish. We were all feeling tipsy after one drink….We are such lightweights! We headed to the condo to unpack and unwind! I was asleep in no time!

We woke up early….I am always an early riser. After dragging Shannon out of bed kicking and screaming (nah, just kidding) we all got dressed and headed to the bagel shop for some breakfast.

Michele & Shannon at Breakfast

I snapped this picture of the girls before we left to head to Assateague Island to visit the horses. Pete and I are season pass holders so we were able to skip the LONG line of people paying to get into the park. We seen some horses very fast! There are always tons when ever I go.

Horses on Assateague Island Horse on Assateague IslandHorse in the Road

We headed to the Old Ferry Launch….That is my favorite “street” in Assateague Island. Shannon and Michele loved the area too.

 Friends on Assateague Island Bridge on Assateague Island Shannon and Lisa on Assateague Island Michele & Lisa on Assateague Island Assateague Island

We took tons of pictures. I am sharing just a fraction of them!

After exploring the Island we headed up tp the Boardwalk.  We got some Chocolate Strawberries and rode the tram. 

Strawberries Yum! Shannon & The Berries!

We rode up and down the boardwalk and chatted. It was a nice way to see it all.

Ferris Wheel Boardwalk Tony's Pizza Sand Sculpture Fishing Pier

After our tram ride we ran into the cutest girl ever! Miss Ryleah was at the Boardwalk and we hd to get some pictures of her!

Ryleah and Her Lolly Pop Ryleah & her Lolly Pop!

Since we were starving I thought I would take Shannon to Booty’s. She loves pirates so what better place to have lunch!

Booty's Inside Booty's

Shannon’s Knee was hurting so we went back to the Condo for a rest. She crashed out right away!


After our rest we headed to Bath and Body Works and Bed Bath and Beyond. Then we rushed to my Mom’s memerial tree to watch the Sunset.

Sun Set Us GirlsSun Set

It was a great Sunset. Funny Story…..When we got there we asked a guy to take the above picture of the three of us. Then he asked Shannon to take a picture of ME and him. I went along with it…LOL Oh well. It was fun. I feel so close to y Mom when I watch the Sunset from her tree! Look how Big it has gotten. The first picture was from the dedication and the 2nd taken last weekend.

group Tree
We all took turns “holding” or “eating” the sun!

Holding the Sun! Shannon Holding the Sun!

Michele Taking a Bite!

After the sun was set we headed to Castle in the Sand for a light dinner and some yummy drinks. We hung out there and had a great waiter. We were kinda cold, but not too cold for some Ice Cream. We went to Dumsers for desert for the girls. We got home around midnight and fell fast asleep!

I will continue!

Up next………….The Beach, the Boardwalk & Dinner!

Half Way!

Shannon and Michele are in Virginia now!  They are about 1/2 way here.  I am sure they will hit horrible traffic near DC, but they will be at my house right around the same time as Pete and I.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see them!  We are going to have a GREAT time!  EKKK!! 


I am so so happy that Shannon and Michele are coming to visit tomorrow!  We are going to have a wonderful time in Ocean City!  I wish they were flying though…It is such a long drive.  I will be driving to Ocean City so they can take a rest on the way to the beach!  I can not wait to show two of my favorite girls my favorite beach!  I am also very glad they are coming tomorrow…….

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the day my Mom died.  It is the saddest day of my life, followed only by the day I found out the my ex betrayed me and all things morally right!  My Mom died on a Friday so it’s kinda weird that tomorrow is a Friday!  I remember the day my Mom died like it was yesterday!  The night before my sister and I crawled into bed and held her and slept…all three of us together in a full size bed!  It was a squeeze, but it was one of the best nights.  Laura and I snuggled up to her and we felt so safe.  We knew she was dying….hospice had been telling us that it would be any hour now for about a week.  

I remember that I was in the guest room laying down and it was around 10am.  My Dad was sitting in the chair next to my Mom and my sister was laying in bed with my mom.  I got a phone call from my Mom’s friend Miss Kim.  She gave me the next that Miss Dinky (another friend of my Mom’s) had just passed away that morning.  Now we had been telling my Mom that is was okto move on for days now.  Hospice told us it would help her cross over.  She was in so much pain and she was pretty much unconscious for a whole week.  Well after hanging up the phone it was about 10:15am and I walking into my Mom’s bedroom and I said, “Hey Momma…that was Miss Kimmy, she was calling to tell me that Miss Dinky died this morning.  Mom if that is what you were waiting for, if you were waiting for Miss Dink so you didn’t have to do this alone, you can go now…..We understand.”  Then I sat next to her and held her hand and my Dad rubbed her leg and Laura held her other hand and we talked about how sad we were for Miss Dinky’skids(they are two girls the same age as Laura and I).  Then my Mom made a raspy sound and she inhaled and didn’t exhale.  Laura looked at my Dad with big crocodile tears in her eyes, she said “Dad is this it?”  he said “I think so.”  Then to prove my Dad wrong my Mom breathed out and then in one more time.  Then she was gone.  She was still there and we hugged her and kissed her and told her how much we loved her.  Then I called Hospice and the funeral home.  Then I called Jodi and Nikki and a few other close friends.  Jodi and Nikki and Mr. John (my Mom’s boyfriend) came over before the funeral home.  It was so sad.  I left before the funeral home got there.  I couldn’t be there to see them carry my Mom out our our house.  I went home and started cooking lasagna, we would need to eat after making the arrangements.  LOL  Then a while later my Dad picked me up and we went to the funeral homeand picked everything out.  It was hard, but I had to be strong.  After we were done with all of the choices Laura and I went to the Mall.  We needed clothes for the funeral.  I also called the church to set up the funeral.  We met with the priest that day too.  It all happened so fast!  

I miss my mom so very much!  She was the greatest, mom and friend anyone could ask for.

One year ago on May 23rd Laura found out that she was Pregnant with Miss Alyssa!  It was a gift from my Mom, I know it was! 

Weigh In!

Tonight Pete and I went out to dinner with My Dad and Sister and Brandon and Alyssa for a belated Birthday Celebration.  Before that we went to weight in……I am so proud of my Petey!  He is down a total of 27 pounds in 6 weeks, while I am trailing behind him at 20 pounds!  We have stuck to this for 6 weeks!  We are doing good at this Weight Watchers Program.  I am proud of us for doing this with out any kind of crazy unsafe weight loss drugs.  We are doing it with good old fashion diet and exercise!  I bet Pete will be down 100 pounds by the wedding! 

Wedding Stuff

Pete has one friend, we will call him “B” who swears he is coming on the cruise but has not yet booked.  I took it upon myself to email him.  I mean I need to know!  I need to plan, I need to finish my programs.  Pete and this guy were fraternity brothers and Bff’s.  “B” lived with Pete a while in Iowa and Pete lived with him when he moved to Baltimore.  He should be there.  Well he emailed me back and told me that he is coming and would be sharing a room with “E”!  UGH!  I don’t like “E”.  He makes me uncomfortable.  These guys are in their early and late 30’s and are single and planning on opening a night club.  I know they are going to HATE the Disney Cruise.  I know it.  I am worried about it, but what can I do.  I can’t tell them not to come.  I was relieved when I thought that they weren’t coming.  Out of everyone we invited I just always thought they would hate it.  It is geared towards family and fun, no casino and no singles areas.  I shouldn’t worry, I mean I know it is two more guest and that it will make Pete happy.  Plus they knew it was a Disney Cruise and not a Singles Swinger Cruise.  LOL 

Birthday Gifts

My Birthday Gift!


Isn’t this the best gift!  Laura came over for dinner tonight and we had a great Turkey Meatloaf!  YUM!  She also brought me presents!  She got me a Cinderella light for the Disney Guest Room amd Alyssa got me this picture frame!  Isn’t it great!  I love it is much!  We had fun tonight.  We played a little Wii and I got lots of baby time in.  I will see her again tommorrow night when we got out to dinner with my dad for our birthdays! 

Speaking of gifts…..Pete’s parents sent me a nice package yesterday!  I got a pack of Flip Flop Magnets and two cool metal hair things and a $50 gift certificate to the Spa!  They love me!!!

Grooms Cake

I am getting Pete a Groom’s Cake and I will surprise him with it at our Rehersal Dinner.  This is what it will look like, with out the Happy Birthday Roger of course…LOL


Grooms Cake