A little of This, a Little of That

Weigh in…….I am down 4 more pounds for a total of 14 pounds GONE!  Pete is down 3.6 pounds for a total of 14.4 pounds lost.  I am so proud of us!  That is alot of weight in 3 weeks…Go us! 🙂  I am worried however that my wedding dress is going to be ginormous and the dinner dress I got for the dinner the night of the wedding is going to be too big also!  I am not so worried about the dinner dress cause I can always get another one, but I ordered it two sizes smaller and I could already zip it tonight….It was snug in places, but I could still zipper it up!  I love my wedding dress so much, what if it is too big to alter?  Here is a question for you married ladies out there….Did you have to have you dress taken in, if so how much?  Did it change the look of the dress?  How many pounds equal a dress size?  

Last night after the weigh in we went to one of my favorite places to eat.  Texas Road House….Yummy!  My eyes were way bigger then my (shrinking) belly.  After weigh ins Pete and I go out to eat, we get something we wouldn’t eat the rest of the week.  I got Steak, Ribs & a Baked Potato.  It was so good, but I had atleast half of it left over and took it to my Dad.  That is one rule of our “after weigh in meal”…..We can not take the (Bad Food) left overs home with us.  I couldn’t just let it go to waste so I took it to my Dad.  He loves leftovers.

So my Dinner Dress came today.  I really like it and it is casual and looks really pretty on.  It is a bit snug around the hip area, but I think it will be fine.  I plan on taking it to the same seamstress that I am taking my Wedding Gown to for alterations.   I also got 3 new shirts and a new bathing suit.  I needed a few spring things for work.   

Tuesday night I watched my little Princess and she was so wonderful.  She really is the best baby.  She NEVER cries unless she is hungry, she smiles and laughs and is just so sweet.  I love her so much.  I can’t remember life without her.  I really wish my Mom could have met her.  My Mom loved babies so very much.  I know she would be a great Grandmother.  Sometimes life isn’t fare.  I am also sad that my Mom will not be at my wedding.  It is so hard to even think about, getting married with out my Mom there.  I mean it’s your MOM she should be the one helping you get ready and fixing your hair and telling you how pretty you are.  I do have an idea though.  I am going to get a locket and put my mom’s picture in it and I will have it attached to my bouquet, kinda underneath.  That was she can be with me (atleast in some way) on my special day!     

I also ordered all of the supplies for our programs.  I got sparkly White Paper and some sparkly pink paper (I am not 100% sure for what yet, I just loved it).  Soon as we get confirmation from Pete’s one hold out friend I can start making them!  He still has one friend who says they are coming, but hasn’ book a trip, so we will see.  I am not holding my breath!  

This is all so real now, this wedding thing.  We have booked everything, bought rings, got my dress……It will be here before we know it.  I can’t wait.  I am so lucky to marry the love of my life in front of our best friends and our closest family!   



6 Responses to “A little of This, a Little of That”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    I dunno about the dress thing. Mine had been altered to fit the first owner.. but then she never wore it.. thankfully it fit me like a GLOVE. Either way Im sure it will be beautiful and I CANT wait to see you walk that aisle!!

  2. Ani Says:

    We are all proud of you too!!

    If the tailor is good then just taking it in won’t change the look of the dresses.

    Just think a little piece of your mom is in Alyssa and she will be there through her as well as watching you from above. I bet you will feel her there.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Your mom will totally be there. Love the locket idea. She’ll be watching over the whole ceremony sending love your way.

    As for the dress….the people at the place I bought mine told me to buy it 2 sizes too big because “they run small”. So I did. And it was HUGE. Like if I sat down in it you could see down to my belly button. I had it taken in twice (the 2nd time cause I lost more weight after the first time) and it looked great. Just like the sample dress. Like Ani said, if the tailor is good the style won’t change.

  4. cady Says:

    i had to have mine taken in at the top. i forget how many sizes i was told it could be altered, but i agree with the others that if the seamstress is good the dress will look the same.

  5. kathy Says:

    I had mine fixed it does not show.

    I lost 90 lbs. on ww. I went down 5 sizes. I hope that helps you.
    I’ve injoyed reading your site.

  6. kathy Says:

    sorry i hit an i and not an e on the word enjoyed!!
    have a wonderful night!

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