Six Months

In just six short months I will be on the Disney Wonder.  I will be nervous about the next day, the day I get married.  I won’t be nervous about marrying my one true love, but I will be nervous about my Dress and my Hair and the favors being set up just perfect.  I will be nervous about the flowers being perfect and the pictures being wonderful.  I am sooo very excited.  This is a dream come true.  Sometimes I just want to pinch myself, I can not believe it is real.  I am so excited about cruising again, it’s been like 3 years since I have cruised.  Cruising is such a wonderful vacation.  Disney does it the best too.  They have the attention to detail and the entertainment that you just do not find on other cruise lines.  Sure I could be biased, but I think the thing is I cruised with Disney 1st.  I cruised with Disney 3 times before I cruised with any other cruise line.  The other cruise was fun, but is was all because of the company I was keeping, not because of the cruise.  The cruise was ok, but the entertainment and dining were lacking.  I can not wait to share people’s first cruise with them.  More than half of our guest have never cruised before.  I am so happy that they are cruising with me!  I can not wait.  I really hope the next six months go by as fast as the last six months!


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