Mickey Moms Club

A year ago something Disney popped into my email box. Well, this happens several times each day so it was nothing unusual for me…LOL. Disney was launching something called the Disney Mom’s Panel, they would choose about 10 Disney parents or the Disney Planner of the Family, regular people who love Disney, to serve as “advice givers” to trip planners visiting the Disney site….and as reward, Disney would give them a free a trip to Walt Disney World in December.

So, I sent in a application, why not!

A few months later I got another Disney email which said, “Hey, all of you people who didn’t make it, we want to stay in touch with you and we’re forming a club of Disney-loving parents such as yourself…and we’ll to send you lots of neat stuff…for free!”

I received a huge envelope with Mickey Ears all over it.  I was excited and I opened it to find a bundle of really fun Disney stuff including:

-Two Disney Tinkerbell pins (one for me and one to share, Pete grabbed it right up.)
-A huge Disney Mom’s Club magnet for my car (we have it on the fridge).
-A  “mouse pad” (I use it at work every day).
-A glossy photo & stickers of Mickey & Friends.
-A Disney planning DVD
-A pocket guide to planning for WDW trips

This is great stuff! I feel very special sure I know I’m being rewarded for doing some Disney marketing but it doesn’t bother me. Every day I give trip and planning advice, as I suspect the other thousands of members do… We love Disney and we’re happy to help our friends and family.



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2 Responses to “Mickey Moms Club”

  1. Sherry Cannon Says:

    I can’t remember the password. Can you resend it to me?

  2. Ani Says:

    It is really nice being appreciated.

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