Disney on a Budget

Ok, before I go on and tell you all how to save bundles at WDW let me tell you I won a contest last week on Jennifer’s site.  She has so much good Disney Information.  I get to pick something from Amazon up tp $20.00.  I am picking this!  How awesome! 

Now….Disney on a Budget.

I have been to WDW many times and each time I find a way to save more money. 

I usually go during Value Season.  You can save tons that way.  The best “value” resort in my opinion is the Pop Century.  It is the newest of all of the “Vaules” and it also has it’s own bus.  The All Stars (2 hotels) all share a bus system.  The Bus is a great way to save a few $$$.  You do not need to rent a car if you are staying on Disney Property (why stay anywhere else).  The bus service can get you anywhere you need to go.  I would also make sure you go for the Disney Dining Plan.  Pete and i found out we saved at least 30% a day using it last year.  We do not have kids, but when we do we will be picking up treats at Disney Store Sales before we head south.  WeTinkerbell will leave a gift for the kids every night.  The kids will also get their own spending money for souvenirs.  They will think about what to buy and make good choices since it will be their own money.  We love Disney Dollars and collect them before our trips now.  Plan on staying atleast 7-10 days….I know longer vacations mean more money, but the park tickets get cheaper each day you add on.  There are alot of free things at WDW.  We can spend days not entering a park.  There is Downtown Disney, resort hopping and enjoying your own hotel.  These are just a few of my Money saving tips…… 

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  1. kathy Says:

    Hi Lisa, how is your diet going?
    I’m doing WW too.
    Did you know about the free DD
    It’s Aug.20-Sept.22,2008
    We are going Sept. 2-10th !!
    We can’t wait!!
    Have a great day,

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