Weigh In

So last night Pete and I went for our weigh in and we both lost again.  Thank goodness.  I don’t think I could handle gaining.  I lost 3.6 pounds and Pete lost 3.8 pounds.  Bringing our grand totals to 17.6 pounds for me and 23 pounds for Pete. 

We are both enjoying the Weight Watchers program.  It is easy to follow and it still allows us nights to go out to eat and not follow it 100%.  We get extra weekly points to use so we can still go out and enjoy a resuarant dinner and not feel guilty!  We have both been losing.  Pete is pretty sure he will be able to get to -100 pounds by the wedding. 

I am so proud of him for doing this with me.  I think about how much healthier we are and it makes me happy. 

There is no way in hell I would ever have weight loss surgery unless it was a life or death issue.  It scares me.  Pete feels the same way.  Neither one of us have the desire to be cut open and have our insides all rearranged.  The risk is just too high.  I know it has worked for lots of people and I think that is great for them, but I think for us the results can be attained by eating healthy and exercising.  I enjoy going out to eat, I enjoy sweets now and then and I don’t want to give any of that up, I don’t want to give up the option of rich or fatty foods now and again.

Pete and I had a conversation last night about emotional eaters and people who can not control thier eating.  We are not those people.  We came to the conclusion that we eat (and over eat) because our Mom’s were great cooks.  We like food and we like cooking and we like the way good food tastes, but we are not addicted to it and these past 5 weeks have proved that.  We have just cut out the bad food from our diet and we are losing the weight we want to lose in a healthy way. 

Pete was a sweet lover (me not so much) and he just stopped cold turkey; no candy, cakes, etc.  He was also a 4 or 5 can a night soda drinker and now he will have a diet coke once a week or so. 

I am a firm believer that everyone should not be a size 2 or 4.  I think we should all be the healthiest we can be and if that makes you a size 18 or 20, or a size 24 or 26 that that is what you are meant to be.  I don’t have any weight related health problems, no high blood pressure or cholesterol so I know even though I am not a size 4 I am healthy.  Pete had started showing signs of sleep apnea but they have all disappeared since we started this.  That was one of my goals, to get Pete healthier and it is working greatly!    


5 Responses to “Weigh In”

  1. cady Says:

    that’s awesome! you guys are doing great. i agree with you that not everyone needs to be a size 2 or 4 (even though there are many times that i want to be a 4 again). i think cutting out sodas is a big part (and the hardest part) of losing weight. we’ve stopped drinking sodas at home. we only drink water and diet iced tea. i get a diet mt. dew a couple times a week at work, and when we go out we’ll sometimes get soda, though i’ve started getting water then too. i’ve really learned to like water now.

  2. Laura Says:

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shannon Says:

    That’s so great!

  4. jesser Says:

    That’s WONDERFUL! Good for you guys. I’ve been doing WW since Oct and have lost 45 lbs or so. I like it because it’s not all obsessive with low carbs and weird foods … I just made modifications. I really had no idea how much I overate sometimes. And I completely agree … it’s all about health. My kiddo needs a healthy mama… she keeps me going! 🙂

  5. Ani Says:

    You guys are doing great. Keep it up! Like you said everyone has there own way of losing. 🙂

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