Pool Fun

I called Laura today and she was stuck at her nephew’s birthday party so we only talked for a few  minutes.  She invited Pete and I over for dinner and to be there with Alyssa when she went swimming for the first time.  Well you know I grabbed the camera and we got ready to go!  LOL  We took some pork chops and Laura made chicken and we cooked out and had a great time!  I love when we hang out with Laura and Brandon. 

So Laura set up the pool for the baby and filled it wit warm water from inside, not cold hose water.  We took the pre dip pictures and then We sat her in it.  She loved it.  You can’t really tell from the 100’s of pictures I took.  She is a funny baby.  Like if she likes something she isn’t one to crack up laughing at it.  Instead she studies it hard and intense.  That is what she did with the pool!  She is too funny!.  I laid on my belly to take tese pictures and I am paying for it now. I have like 100 bug bites on my belly!  LOL

Here are my Five favorite pictures, but they are all over here if you want to check them out!

Alyssa Swimming



Sitting up!


After her swim we took her in and gave her a bath and get her all in her Pj’s. Look at these smiles:

Pretty Smile

Cutie Pie

I kept the baby and Laura and Brandon and Pete went to the movies. Well Alyssa and I napped the entire time they were gone. We snuggled up on the sofa and fell fast asleep. I woke up with Laura looking over us. LOL Oppsss…..uess who was up ALL NIGHT. Nope not me! LOL


Ale Mary…Full of Grace?



Ale Mary's

Tonight for Dinner we went to Ale Mary’s.  I have been before, but Pete, Laura and Brandon had not.  Alyssa hadn’t been before either.  LOL  We all enjoyed the food and the guys enjoyed the weird beers!  It was alot of fun.  Inside if decorated with Pictures of old Catholic School kids.  I also like that the food is served with Tater Tots.


 Candy? Holy Candy?DoorMenu

Pete's BeerPete's BeerBrandon's Beer

Me & my HoneyBrandon & Laura

Then when we were leaving we had to step over this while crossing the street! It is such a shame.

Streets of Baltimore

You’re the Only One

This song by Keith Urban really touches my heart.  It really describes my relationship with Pete.  He is my only one.  I love this song.  I was deeply hurt by the guy I dated before Pete and it took me a long time to trust him fully!  I am so glad I did because he has made my life so much better then it has ever been.  I just found it the other day and I have listened to it over and over.  You can listen to it HERE!

Or you can read the lyrics below!

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Weight Loss Progress

This past Week Pete and I didn’t go Weight Watchers.  He was leaving the next day and we wanted to spend time together and also we had to pack and get  him all ready to leave.  So we skipped out.  Well then it was eating at me that I didn’t go.  It was driving me crazy and I just kept thinking about it. 

On Friday I went to buy all of the supplies for my invitations and there was a weight watchers center in the same shopping center.  I decided to pop in and get weighted.   I am glad I did, I lost a bit over 2 pounds this week and that brings my total to 24.4 pounds!  Only .6 more until I am at 25 pounds!  GO ME GO ME!  LOL

I think I have lost all 24.4 pounds from my thighs.  They are still fat, but they are flabby fat now instead of full fat.  LOL  Oh well, I will just skip the mini skirts. 

My engagement ring is getting too big again.  We just had it sized down to a 5.5 and now I think it is going to need to go down to a size 5.  We haven’t had my wedding band sized yet…thank goodness.  I am going to try to hold off on the engagement ring then have them done together.  I am also going to wear my Great Grandmothers diamond ring on my right hand for the wedding.  My mom wore this ring everyday from the time she received it after my great grandmother passed away until the day we buried her so I think it will be special to wear it on my special day.  I am going to need to get that sized too.     


Alyssa is the apple of my eye!  I love her more then I have ever loved anyone in my whole life.  She is such a  joy and she is the best baby.  He parents sure got lucky!  Today Laura and I got some great pictures of my favorite girl.

This one is my new favorite of her!



She is telling me something important here!



She loves being thrown up in the air!

Enjoying Herself

Alyssa loves me almost as much as I love her.  We all cover her in kisses daily and I love when she gives them back.  Today she grabbed my face, one hand on each cheek, and then she went in for a big wet kiss!


Kiss from Alyssa

Grave Yard Gardening

Today Laura, Alyssa, my Dad and I went to the graveyard.  My Dad built a little garden in front of my Mom’s Headstone and then I bought flowers and planted them.  It was a nice day out and we had a good time.  My Dad is a goof ball and he went to get mulch (which he stole from the graveyards supply) and he acted like he was on a secret milatary mission.  Running and ducking behind tombstones and even going as far and rolling on the ground.  Makes you wonder why Alyssa loves him so very much!  LOL

I have mentioned before how the grave yard doesn’t make me sad.  I miss my Mom of course, but we have been going to the graveyard since birth and it doesn’t make me sad.  I go a few times a week.  My Mom’s father died before we were born so as children we would go to the graveyard and have picnik lunches and play while my mom gardened and stuff.  Then as teenagers Laura and I learned to drive here.  My whole family is on one graveyard and I go around to each site to “visit”.

I bought Vincas to plant since they don’t require much watering.  I planted them and then gave them some fertilizer.  It turned out really good.

 Finished Garden

GardenPretty Vinca


Day in PA

Today i went to PA to visit Nikki and Ryleah.  We had a great girls day.  We went shopping and we made shirts for my wedding party and we played of course.  I took the new camera to get some pictures of sweet Ryleah.  Here are my Favorites of the Day:

 Monkey GirlRyleah - Photo Shoot

RyleahPretty Girl


Imported Photos 00073Ryleah