Surfin’ USA (or Ocean City, Maryland)

Sunday – May 25th

Today we had bagels at the condo for breakfast and then we headed up to the beach.  Nikki had called and we joined her and Jason and Ryleah up near their condo.  It was PERFECT weather.  Michele, Shannon and I are the three whitest girls in the world.  We all sunblocked up before we hit the beach.  The water was FREEZING but Ryleah didn’t mind.  She is the only child I know who wants the waves to hit her in the face!  SOOO funny! 

Sand CastlesRyleah in the SandPretty Girl

We made sand castles (Cinderella lives in them) and we swam and soaked up some sun. Some of us got a bit much since they didn’t ask for help coating their back, I won’t mention who that was  ….cough…cough…..Michele!

Michele & Shannon

Look at her back turning bright red!

After the beach we went up to Nikki’s condo to talk and hang out. It was great for the girls to get together and get to know each other some, since we all have a big vacation planned together in November! Ryleah crawled up on my lap and took a nap for about an hour. So sweet! I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it (HAHA) but I love this little girl so so very much! She is the best!

After leaving Nikki’s we headed home for a rest and to shower for dinner. We had it planned we were going to go to Greenwood Farms for dinner. It is this little restaurant outside of Ocean City that my family has been going to for YEARS and YEARS. They serve all homemade food with the sides all served family style. The tree of us all got the seafood platter. I choose to get my shrimp fried, and the other girls had theirs broiled. We all loved it and it was $2 off each dinner because we had coupons. LOL


When we walked into the restaurant I head this little voice say “LISA, HI LISA, I HAVE CHICKEN NUGGIES LISA”….LOL Nikki and Jason were there eating too. Like I said my family (Nikki included) have been eating here for years! Ryleah was excited to see me. We were not sitting near them, but all during dinner I kept hearing my name. Ryleah came down and sat at my table for a bit and we got the AWESOME picture taken of the two of us. I have only been trying to get a picture (a good one) of the two of us for almost three years.

Me & My Girl!Fish Face!Ryleah

When we finished desert, which is included in your meal, we went out back to feed the animals that live on the farm. I didn’t touch them, but Michele and Shannon did…ewe!

AnimalsMichele Feeding the GoatMichele Feeding the Goat

It was still early after we were done dinner so we went up to the board walk again after hitting some gift shops. We people watched and some guy tried to show Shannon and Michele his “Package”. That’s what those crazy southerners get for talking to strangers. We just don’t do that here. LOL

Bong - BongMicheleNight Time Ferris Wheel


We had a good time and the girls even got some more Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I was good and didn’t partake in the deserts. We were tired so we headed back to the Condo to call our boys, watch a movie and fall asleep before the movie was over (that would be me).

Lisa & Shannon

Taken right before I fell alseep!

Up Next…….Cleaning the Condo, Rehoboth Beach & Outlet Deals.