Great Idea Lisa

A few weeks ago I emailed Pete and I told him I had made us appointments to get some Tag Moles removed.  He said ok not knowing what he was getting himself into.  LOL  We went to the dermatologist’s office the Day Michele and Shannon left.  The Doctor FROZE the moles off.  OMG  it hurt!  LOL  I would do it again though.  It has been a bit over a week and they all have turned black and fallen off of me.  Pete still has one hanging on.  Of course I documented this with pictures.

 Pete - Mole RemovalMole Removal

Pete was much better behaved when it came to the burning off of the moles!

Driving Home

May 26, 2008

Today me and my girls work up early.  We ate the last of our bagels at the condo and started the chores of cleaning up.  We made the condo spic and span!  It was about 10 am when we lugged our bags to the car and packed it all up.  We had more on the ride home then we did on the ride to Ocean City. 

I had decided that we were going to go home through Delaware.  I wanted to show the girls Rehoboth Beach, where my family had a summer home while I was growing up.  I also wanted to hit the Outlets and Snic on the way home. 

Here are a few pictures of the Condo taken by Miss Shannon before we hit the road.

View From Our CondoLiving Room/KitchenLiving Room

The drive from Ocean City to Rehoboth is about 40 minutes or so. Of course we rehashed our trip and giggled. Gosh it was so great to hang out with the girls for a weekend. When we got to Rehoboth we went to the Boardwalk and got some lunch at Louie’s. I have been having Pizza here since birth. We also got some of Dolle’s Famous Caramel Corn.

Rehoboth BoardwalkPop CornLouie's Pizza

We all enjoyed lunch, but for some odd reason Shannon’s sub came out like 30 minutes after mine and Michele’s food. Poor Shannon, the slowest eater in the world was forced to inhale her sub. I tried to wait for her…and I did about 20 minutes, but then mine was getting cold and Shannon told me to go ahead and eat. I hate doing that but I was famished. LOL

After lunch we went to the outlets and I got Pete a pair of swimming trunks and a shirt. Michele got Steven, her hubby a whole outfit for $18 and Shannon got Jon a bathing suit too! It was a fun little shopping trip. The whole trip was FUN!

Well all was fun but the damn drive home! The roads through Delaware go thought little towns and most are one lane. UGH!!!!!! It tool us like 5 or 6 hours to drive a 2 hour drive. It was killing me. I also found out diet Cherry Limeade isn’t as good at the regular one! I still love me some Sonic though. YUMMY!

We were on the Bay Bridge when we set up dinner plans with Laura, Brandon & Pete.

Bay Bridge

We had them meet us at Gunning’s for, yup you guessed it more seafood. Michele had some more Old Bay and Shannon had a Crab Cake. We all had the famous Cream of Crab Soup. YUM! Shannon and Michele got to meet the new love of my life, Miss Alyssa! They loved her of Course!

After a relaxing Dinner we headed back to my house. My sweet friends had gifts for the baby! Shannon made her a growth chart and Michele made her a Blanket and bought her a few gifts too! Wasn’t that sweet of them! They posed with pictures of my Sweetie too.

Pretty Girl!Shannon & AlyssaOhhhh!

Laura had to get Brandon home since he wasn’t feeling good so our visit was cut short. I got my girls loaded up and we did a mini tour of Baltimore. We went to my work, Charm City Cakes, the Washington Monument, the Basilica and the downtown area. Along with a drive through Fells Point and Federal Hill.

Charm City Cakes - Tour of BaltimoreThe Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Baltimore, Maryland - Tour of BaltimoreFort McHenry - Tour of Baltimore

Boy was I tired after that. It was pretty late so we headed on home and I made the girls CD’s of all of our pictures and then we all headed to bed! What a full day!

May 27, 2008

This Morning Michele and I drove Pete to work and then we came home and woke Sleeping BeautyShannon up!  She was ready to go in no time flat and we set out to find breakfast!  We went to Cookie’s City Line Dinner.  It is a favorite of Pete and mine.  We haven’t been since joining Weight Watchers.  Boy was he jealous.  🙂  The girls liked it.  I was getting sad knowing our Wild Weekend of Fun was coming to an end.  We stopped by My Dad’s house and picked up Alyssa.  I was watching her the rest of the day.  Miss Joyce kept her in the morning.  Alyssa is lucky she has so many people who love her.  When we got home Shannon and Michele and I exchanged sad goodbyes and then poof my girlies were gone! 

Bye Bye!

So Princess and I snuggled up on the sofa and napped away our sadness for the rest of the afternoon!

RelaxingAlyssaThe Finger

5 Months

Only five months to the day until we elect a new Presidentget married on a tropical Island surrounded by our best friends!