The Choice NOT to Vaccinate

Pete and I have done tons of research on the issue and we are not going to Vaccinate our future Children.  I know that each parent has their own opinion on this issue.  Just Monday Alyssa had her 4 month shots and after a feverish night and a day or two of her not being herself she seems back to normal!  Thank goodness.  I think it is a personal choice and our choice is not to do it.  There are tons of reasons but these are just a few:

In the past quarter century, the numbers of vaccines the CDCand AAP insist that children must get has increased from 23 doses of 7 vaccines to 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six.

There are no large, credible studies proving it is safe for all children.

Number of mandated vaccines before attending school:
1983 – 10        Autism – 1 in 10,000
2008 – 36         Autism – 1 in 150

A child receiving all the recommended shots which includes 24 vaccines during the 1st year of life, is now 14x more likely to become learning disabled & 8x more likely to become autistic.

The very young are at an exceptionally high risk for vaccine induced damage due to their rapidly growing brains.  A child’s blood-brain barrier has a higher permeability to allow more nutrients across as it grows and develops.  
Because vaccines are toxic to the body:  the theory behind their effectiveness is that they will stimulate a strong immune response that will be stores in the body:  This is true, however, the catastrophic effects of a powerful boost to a developing immune system are not taken into consideration:  The effect of this:
Over-stimulation of the immune-mediated microglial response while intensifying the anti-body mediated Th2 response, causing it to last way longer than it should.  This results in excessive brain inflammation &  tissue destruction as the immune system loses its normal control circuits & literally attacks everything in sight including itself!! 
Both factors have been noted in autism, other neurological & auto-immune disorders.

Our culture has experienced a 50 fold increase in auto-immune diseases like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type I, Chrohn’s, celiac, irritable bowel disorders, asthma, allergies, etc.  Our children have more vaccines than ever, yet are sicker than they have ever been in the history of mankind.   As a result, the youth of today are the first generation in the history of mankind expected to die before their parents. 

We know that God created our bodies with an amazing ability to heal themselves.  Every irritant, whether it is dirt, dust, dander, viruses, or bacteria are a necessary & overcomeable challenge to our innate immune system.  Like exercise to the muscles, the immune system grows stronger with every natural challenge.  




8 Responses to “The Choice NOT to Vaccinate”

  1. jesser Says:

    I’ve read a lot about this too and I’ve become wary. I’ve read lots on both sides and can’t decide whether it’s causality or correlation. My dad’s youngest brother is autistic (Rain Man style, and I don’t say that to be glib, just to clarify, since the definition of Autism has changed in recent years) and since we have the family history, I chose to spread out Tabby’s shots. She gets fewer shots at a time and she gets them over a more spread-out period of time. Luckily my pediatrician was very open to this. I think vaccines are a good place to start, but I am interested to know what role environmental chemicals (pesticides, paint, etc.), pollution, anti-bacterial soaps and the over-use of antibiotics play as well and beyond that what this generation of children’s proclivity towards indoor activities rather than outdoor (physical) activities contributes. And now I sound like a complete fruit-loop granola muncher. 😉

  2. Christina Says:

    I had a heart condition that was possibly caused from getting rubella when I was a very young baby. I came down with it weeks before I was due for the shot. If I had the shot prior to catching the disease, I probably would not have had open heart surgery at age 5. Something to think about.

    I don’t think there is one sole cause of Autism. Like Jesser said, there are so many environmental factors to consider, along with the genetic factors. Only more research and time will tell for sure.

  3. susan Says:

    I agree with you. But, don’t you have to have their shots before they go to school? At least they have to have their vaccines here to attend head start or kindergarten. I don’t know I’m not a mommy 🙂

  4. mamamichele Says:

    You can get a medical waiver from your child’s dr to allow them to go to school without the shots.

    I am open to both schools of thought. I guess it has to be a personal choice. Caitlin had her shots. They didnt really bother her. No fever nothing.. I didnt think twice about it. Babies get shots.

    However, I wasnt aware of the research that has been done in Autism at the time. Knowing what I know now would I have had her vaccinated? Im not so sure.

  5. Debra Sue Says:

    In our state, it is mandated that students have to have immunizations to attend our public schools. If you chose not to vaccinate you have to home school.

    I can see both sides of the argument; I work daily with people with MR/DD, and I’ve seen disabilities related to not vaccinating (fact – mom didn’t vaccinate older sib, got measles from the kid while pregnant, new baby has multiple disabilities as a result) and disabilities as a result of vaccinating (hypothesis that immunizations cause autism – highly speculated NOT proved fact).

    I tend to side with the vaccination side. We vaccinated C and plan to vaccinate Ruby per the recommendations of her pediatrician. Doctors are not gods, but they know a little more about it than the average Joe.

  6. Shannon Says:

    The main thing a lot of people tend to forget about is that there are shots without the mercury in them… that is what is causing a lot of these issues… the other thing is testing for these diseases has gotten a lot better so that is why there are a lot more people with them… and with learning disabilities… well it took them until high school with me to figure out that is what I had… again testing is better…

    But I think all the shots that have mercury in them should be pulled ASAP… but they don’t… But, I know Lore will not be getting that cervical cancer shot… not enough testing… and only one source for the shot… don’t like that at all…

    But, I also think there is a lot of other reasons why things have gotten worse… I know that my LD is from my dad’s side of the family…

    But if your kids go to college… almost all colleges reguire them to have the shots because of students and teachers from over seas… I know the schools in my area (most of them) reguire them because of how many kids have moved over from over seas to this area… there have been measles and whooping cough out breaks because of the over seas kids not having the shots…

    but, I respect your choice… but there a lot of other reasons for the rise in those things… such as what we eat, what is in our cleaning supplies and laundry stuff, better testing, etc…

  7. chiropete Says:

    It is nice to see that everyone has been thinking about this topic! Although there are somethings that are know that are many that are not. I know that thermisol (mercury) that is in that vaccines everyone is pointing the finger at is not the only bad thing in the vaccines. There are hundred of toxic substances in vaccines and when you read anything about this they always say that they are in such small levels they are harmless. And in reading that statement that maybe true when you are only considering one ingredient at a time. Now think about it in this manner there are hundreds of toxins and neuro-toxins in small amounts, could it be the overall sum is the problem not just the individual? Many of these substances are cumulative poison, which means that the body can’t get rid of them. Now think you child getting almost 30 doses of these toxic cocktails before their body has had the chance to grow and develop the ability to protect itself.
    I understand that as parents you want to protect your children and you want them to be healthy. Who doesn’t want that for a child? But there are tough issues and decisions everyone has to face and make. Do i poison my child at the most critical point of their development, do I wait until their body is more capable of handling such a traumatic exposure? Do I pay more and get the ones without preservatives? Do I split up the shots so it is not such a large dose of toxins at once? Do I get them vaccinated at all? These are all decisions you have to make as a parent, decisions you have control over, not your doctor. If you do want to vaccinate that is fine but use common sense and do your research. Learn what they put in theses vaccines! And remember when you are reading the ingredient list just keep this little fact in mind….They are not required by the FDA or by law to disclose everything they use to make vaccines. The US government says that anything they use that considered a trade secret (kind a like Coke’s secret formula) they don’t have to tell you about!! But here are some of the common ones: Thermisol(mercury), MSG, Formaldehyde(old style embalming fluid which they don’t use anymore because it kills nerve endings if exposed to living tissue), Ethylene Glycol (main ingredient in antifreeze), Borax(original use was a pesticide), aluminum, latex, and the list goes on and on. Oh, did I forget to mention the animal organ tissue and blood and I almost forgot the aborted human fetal tissue. So feel free to do some research for yourself.

    Also Christina according to all the research rubella only causes congenital heart defects if you acquired rubella while in the womb (congenital rubella), which means your mom would have had rubella when she was pregnant with you, which means you would have had it a birth. The rubella that you got a couple of weeks before your shot most likely didn’t cause you to have that hole in your heart. Although it is unfortunate that you had to endure that as a child, but it is not uncommon.

  8. welcometoborneo Says:

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