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This Morning Pete said to me “Get Dressed, we are going to buy you your new camera today!”  EKK!!!!!  We went to Ritz Camera and got such a great deal!  I also conned the guy into the new Vibration Reduction lens.  We got the Nikon D60, 2 lens; 17-55mm & 55-200mm, we got 2 three pack 1g memory cards, a digital photo frame for my Dad for his Father’s day, 2 learn how DVDs made just for my camera, camera bag, 16 digital photo classes, free prints and free photo book, a new all in one printer, a bumper to bumper warrenty and a card that gives us 6% cash back at Ritz Camera to spend on future purchases. 

Ok well my battery is all charged and I am off to start taking some pictures!  EKKKK!!!!!!

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6 Responses to “NEW CAMERA”

  1. Jenna Says:


    soooooooo jealous!!! thats awesome! 🙂 can’t wait to see pictures!


  2. LAURA Says:


  3. Shannon Says:

    OMG!!! That is so awesome! I’m so jealous! Congrats! You’re just gonna love it!

    Be sure to buy the camera armor for your camera to protect it!

  4. jesser Says:

    Ooh… exciting. Congrats!

  5. mamamichele Says:

    sounds like fun stuff. I cant wait to see what fun pictures you take. YAY 🙂

  6. Ani Says:


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