Bye Bye Baby

My Sweetie left me tonight…….Not for good, just for four days.  He will be home on Monday night.  I miss him already!  It was nice being home alone for the first hour or two, but now not so much.  I don’t have anyone to snuggle up on the sofa with, no one to watch my trash tv with.  It’s weird how used to having someone around you can get.

When my ex and I broke up it was weird.  He didn’t live with me, I didn’t believe in living together before marriage…HA, but he stayed over a few nights a week for a few years.  I broke up with him, and then moved to a new house a few days later.  It was 8 or 9 months until Pete and I stared going out so I was alone alot during that time.  I had alot on my mind and it was nice being alone to work through it all.  It was also nice that my house was always clean and my laundry always done.  Now the house gets messy faster and I somehow have 5 times the laundry, but I have Pete!  He is such a good friend (not to mention husband to be).  He cares about me so much.  We also are such great friends.  I think you can’t be with someone 100% unless you are friends. 

Being at Tony’s party over the weekend was nice, I seen alot of old great friends and it was fun to catch up.  One friend lets call him “Mike”…..was a PLAYER back in the day.  He was my friend and I didn’t hold it against him…LOL  Nikki and I had lots of guy friends….we were one of the guys so they didn’t think twice to tell us when they were cheating on their girls or messing around and what not.  They kept their girlfriends away from us (we hated girls) so it was never an issue.  Then “Mike” got a girlfriend, “Jan”……ugh what a pain in the ass she was.  She wanted me and Nikki to be the “girls” at the party.  Well NO we wanted to be one of the guys with beer in the bottle and dirty jokes and wrestling on the USA network.  She wanted us to sit in the dining room and drink wine and talk about boring girl stuff!  UM NO!  Well she would go on and on about Mike being such an open and honest guy.  How they had no secrets and how they told each other everything.  WHAT a crock of crap!  She had no idea who he was.  NONE!  He was a player, he was dishonest, he was a liar…..He was alot of fun though!  LOL  Well they got engaged and we knew it would never work.  I went to the wedding and had a great time.  Her parents threw a great party.  They got pregnant right away and had a baby right after their 1st wedding anniversary.  Before the baby’s 1st birthday they were separated and on the way to divorce.  They were divorced before thier 2nd wedding anniversary! 

We knew they wouldn’t make it…….People who enter into relationships expecially marriage with a bunch of lies never make it!  The lies eat at you until your relationship just crumbles.

I am so glad that Pete and I have a solid relationship…we have the stuff to make the marriage last!


4 Responses to “Bye Bye Baby”

  1. Jenna Says:

    wow thats a crazy story about your friend…

    but i agree with you…bobby is the best friend i have ever had…i love my girl friends but hes amazing!

    good thing we ended up with great guys

  2. jesser Says:

    I know just what you mean about missing them and enjoying your time alone! My hubby travels about 1 wk/month for business and I always miss him like crazy, but also enjoy being able to just do whatever the heck I WANT … not that he’s at all restricting on my time when he’s home, but you know! 🙂 And I totally hear you on a clean house too! If it’s just me and even with baby girl, if the house is clean when he leaves, it stays that way while he’s gone. I just don’t make much mess and what I do, I clean up immediately.

    I am a huge believer in living with someone before you get married. That’s a helluva long time to own a car w/o a nice long test drive. 24/7 lets you see their every mood. My inlaws dated about 3 months before they got married and I mean “dated” in the strictest old-fashioned sense of the word. Though I’m immensely grateful I got my hubby out of the deal, they were completely mismatched from the beginning … I’m amazed they made it 6 years. I think only Catholic guilt let it last that long. LOL.

  3. mamamichele Says:

    I love that Steven and I are best friends. We rarely do anything that the other doesnt go along. Its odd to do stuff alone now. I miss him after just a few hours.

    Lies are a TERRIBLE way to start a relationship. If there is a lie, especially a great big fat one that could affect a lot of people.. Dishonesty breeds mistrust, and thats no way to live.

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