Corruption of Magic

Ok so you all know of my love for Disney world and all things Mouse!  I came acrossed this article today at lunch and it made me sick.  Walt Disney World employee arrested on child porn charges 

It is horrible.  I do not think that the law is as strick as it should be.  I think convicted sex offenders should not be allowed at places like Walt Disney World!  You should not have to worry if the creepy “Chester” over by the water fountian is watching your child thinking about things like Child Porn.

They say this man has no history of sexal abuse in his past, but I think he is a creepy ass gross man.  What kind of person gets off on seeing little kids perform sex acts on adults? *I am sure I will get some weird hits on my blog for that sentance*  It just makes me so sick.  Plus it is WALT DISNEY WORLD!  It is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, horrible things like this should not be brought into the “World”.  Makes me so angry.       


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One Response to “Corruption of Magic”

  1. Jenna Says:

    i’m not even going to bother reading that article but uhhhhh that makes me sickkkkkkkk!

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