Alyssa is the apple of my eye!  I love her more then I have ever loved anyone in my whole life.  She is such a  joy and she is the best baby.  He parents sure got lucky!  Today Laura and I got some great pictures of my favorite girl.

This one is my new favorite of her!



She is telling me something important here!



She loves being thrown up in the air!

Enjoying Herself

Alyssa loves me almost as much as I love her.  We all cover her in kisses daily and I love when she gives them back.  Today she grabbed my face, one hand on each cheek, and then she went in for a big wet kiss!


Kiss from Alyssa


6 Responses to “Alyssa”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I love that she is a bald baby like Lorelei was… and she is so cute… but just wait… soon she wont’ give kisses… just blow on you like Lorelei does… all i get now is raspberries… even on the cheeks lol… little stinker!

  2. Shannon Says:

    She is sooo cute! I miss her!

  3. jesser Says:

    She’s a really pretty little girl … and seems quite good-natured.

  4. Sherry Cannon Says:

    She is absolutely adorable and a princess!

  5. cady Says:

    awww…she is so cute!

  6. Laura Says:

    Thank you all for the comments on Alyssa!

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