Ocean City

I am so excited about going Down the Ocean Saturday.  Ocean City is one of my favorite places and was always my Mom’s absolute favorite place.  Pete and I were talking about it last night on the way to the camera store.  We wanted a Circular Polarized Filter to go with the UV filters I already bought.  Pete wants our Ocean Pictures to POP!  I think I am taking the big camera on the beach.  If it gets sand in it or stops working I will take it to the Camera Store.  We bought the bumper to bumper Warranty.  I need it to get great pictures of Miss Alyssa.  So planned out all the great places to eat and which golf to play and lots of Boardwalk time.  It is going to be so great.  I am so glad to still be getting to go.  I thought with the Wedding we wouldn’t be able to afford it, but we pulled it off.

Alyssa’s First Beach Trip

We leave Saturday morning for Ocean City!  Alyssa has been to Ocean City before, but not the beach.  I am so excited.  I can not wait to see her cute little self sitting in the sand.  The whole family (well me & Pete and my dad and Laura & Brandon) will all be there for her first beach visit!  It is going to be so fun.  I am sad Nikki isn’t going to be at the beach next week too.  Both of our Dad’s usually take this last week of July as their vacation and we both usually tag along.  It would have been fun.  Last year Crystal was with us too.  I can not wait to take some pictures of my favorite Beach girl.  Get ready for tons to be posted to Flickr!  Laura has bought a great Pop up Tent thing to keep us white pasty people (Me, my Dad and Alyssa) safe in the shade!  Only 4 more days til we head “Down the Ocean, Hon”!

Michelle Rust

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the disappearance of Michelle Rust.  She was was last seen leaving her residence in Baltimore County, Maryland, on July 20, 2002 in the morning.  I post about this every year because I don’t want her to be forgotten.  I went to school withMichelle, both Highschool and College and although we weren’t close friends we talked and she was a really nice girl.  I am so sad that she has not been found.  I pray that one day she will walk into a hospital or even her parents house and tell them what a horrible misunderstanding this has been.  That she has amnesia or was in the witness protection program.  I am sure this most likely will not happen.  I hope one day her family (especially her, now 9 year old son) will get closure.  I searched and it seems like she isn’t mentioned in the new like it has been in prior years.  I found a few articles about her disappearance.  Someone had to see something!  They had to!  I post about this every year hoping someone will read it and it will trigger a memory.


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Day with Friends

Yesterday Crystal and I got up at the butt crack of dawn and drove to PA to visit Nikki and Ryleah.  I had a whole bag of goodies to share with them.  Including my Veil.  I love it so much.  Pete’s mom did such a great job on it!

My VeilMy VeilMy Veil

My Veil

While in PA we went to a few stores.   I got the Hot Pink & Lime Green napkins for the reception.  The reception provides cloth napkins, but not in my colors so I bought nice Pink & Green ones.  We also went to Davids Bridal…HATE THEM!  But I needed my crinoline and I know I could get one there.  I didn’t get the Super big one, just a medium sized one.  My Dress has a built in one, but it needed a bit more umph!  I can’t wait to try on my dress with it.  I also ordered this.


Sheer Organza Sleeves

It is a set of Sheer Organza Sleeves.  Since I have lost weight my arms are flabbier then I would like.  I am not sure if I will use this, but it will be nice to have as an option.  I seen a fellow Disney bride wearing one a few months ago and it looked so great.  So I went to the Horrible Davids Bridal to order one. The lady helping me didn’t disappoint and totally sucked.  At least it is Davids as a whole and not just the horrible Glen Burnie location. 

I had alot of Fun with Nikki, Crystal and the Kids.  Check out all the Pictures HERE.  Of course I have a few Favorites.  Here they are:

BFF'sDakoda & Ryleah

Freezer PopSleeping


Playing Catch Up

It seems like I am always playing catch up on this blog doesn’t it.  I have thought about giving up on blogging for good, I hate that real life people (ie: people I don’t want reading this, if I gave you the web site address then I am not talking about you) can read all my thoughts and feelings.  I can’t stop though.  I would miss blogging as it is my outlet to vent, share joy etc.  So I guess at least until the wedding is over (3 months & 2 Weeks & 1 Day) I will be playing catch up.  Nikki, Crystal and I were talking yesterday about what in the world we are going to do once this wedding is over.  It consumes our lives.  LOL  I guess I will need to have a baby then.

Actually having a baby is something I am quite conflicted about.  I love spending time with my favorite kids.  I love them so much, but I don’t know if I am ready to give up my life as i know it.  I was talking to my friend the other day about Disney World and it hit me…This will probally be my last trip with out kids!  OMG!  My first thought was “This sucks….Walt Disney World will not be as fun with a kid!”  LOL  Well of course it will be, but it will be different.  I love the life that Pete and I share and sometimes I am afraid a child will change it all….I know it will!  I just hope it is for the better (again I know it will be).  I know this whole line of thought makes no sense at all!  LOL

I watched Ryleah on Saturday and we hung out with Alyssa and Laura for a while.  It was alot of fun.  Ryleah is so smart and so funny!  She called the baby D-lyssa all day.  It cracked us up.

Here are the pictures from the day.  Also I posted a few of my favorites below:

Rag HeadTouching Ryleah Face

Nap TimeNap Time

Yummy TreatBite Bite


We had such a good time.  Ryelah is such a delight.  I lucked out cause I get to see her twice this weekend!

The Dark Knight

We went tonight to see the new Batman movie!  OMG  it was so good!  I am usually a girlie movie watcher, but this movie kept you on the edge of your seat!  Heath Ledger did a great job as the Joker.  I love the way these new Batman movies are going, I love that they arn’t all cartoon like.  I think you all need to go see this.  GREAT MOVIE!!

Disney Store

A friend of mine just started an online business selling Disney Collectables. PLEASE go check it out! www.fantasmicdisney.com