Wedding Planner Woes

My Wedding Planner has been driving me crazy.  I have so much patience and she is testing it.  I expect answers when I email her.  Well she is ALWAYS out of the office.  I get the Out of the Office reply all the time.  UGH!  So I emailed the Director of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings the other day and then followed up with a call.  Amazingly my planner got right back to me.  Thank goodness.  SO I now have answers and a time line as when to expect certain things. 

In other Wedding News….Our Beach Towel wedding favors came in and the are wonderful.  Oh and in case you are wondering 33 is the maximum number of beach towels you can fit into one suitcase.  LOL  I hope our guest love them as much as we do.

I also got the beach bags I am giving my girls as part of their “Thank You Gift”.  They were on sale at the Disney store.  They were better then 1/2 off.  YAY!  We also got a few other things in the Disney Store.  It is one of my favorite stores, but I have self control.  Pete ….um not so much!  He loves it.  I love the fact that he embraces this Disney Wedding.

We went to the mall for the sole reason to buy the groomsmen their shirts and not only did we get all of them, we got our Dad’s shirts.  It is going to be a great wedding.  We are 4 months and 2 days away from the wedding of a lifetime.  It will be a great trip.  I know Pete’s parents are super excited.  They have never cruised before.  I am so glad their first cruise will be a Disney one.  They are truly the best cruise line. 

Today I placed the order for the bridesmaid dresses!  YAY…my girls will be so hott for the wedding.  The dresses are sooo pretty.  They should be here within 4 weeks.  I can not wait to see them in these dresses.  I love them.  I wish I got one for me too! 

I am so happy that the wedding plans are all in place.  We have the Baltimore reception booked, the outfits all set (oh I forgot to mention Pete’s linen wedding pants came in the mail), the invites almost done, the marriage licence ordered, the planning package to the wedding planner…Oh and have I mentioned my Daddy has mad the final payment.  YAY! 

3 Responses to “Wedding Planner Woes”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I can’t wait!

  2. Ani Says:

    Wow lady you go with the planning!

  3. mamamichele Says:

    funny that you should blog about that today.. In the car this afternoon I suddenly gasped and Steve was all WHAT! Is wrong with you?? I said “OMG. 4 months from today we will be in the bahamas! And of course the obligatory happy dancing ensued 🙂

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