Some of my Favorite People

I love kids so much.  My favorites are Ryleah, Dakoda & Julie (well of course Alyssa).  All four of my favorites are going to be at my wedding.  I am so very excited to get pictures of my favorite little ones with Mickey.  Let me just note that I come from a long line of child-corrupters. My mother got much delight out of giving bubble gum to small children, teaching them annoying (BAD) songs, and otherwise making them impossible to control. And in so many ways, I am exactly like my mother.  When we go out to dinner I will let Ryleah sit on my lap and play in my drink (always water) for hours.  I let Dakoda “Cook” when he comes to my house and poor Alyssa that child will be able to get away with murder.  I am so happy that my favorite tots will be joining me on such a special day!  I love them all so much!

Me and My Favorite Little PeopleAlyssa & Aunt LisieJulie Kisses!




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