New Computer

New Computer

Our new computer came today! We had to pick it up from the UPS store. We missed the UPS guy today so we had to go to the store between 8:00pm and 8:30pm. I am so happy it came. So we got a 24 inch iMac. It is ginormoous!!! I can not wait to start creating on it.  Look at all those USB ports. 

Our New Toy


4 Responses to “New Computer”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    lol… I have 8+ USB ports on my pc… plus 2 on my monitor hehehehe… I never have to unplug a thing… LOVE IT…

  2. Ani Says:


  3. Jenna Says:


  4. Lisanne Says:

    AWESOME!!!!! Rock on! That is SOOOOOO cool! Can’t wait to get an e-mail from you sent from that Mac, hehe 🙂 I want a Mac to sit right next to my PC. 😀

    That veil sounds gorgeous! My mom and I made mine together, and I loved it. So special. How neat that Pete’s mom made it for you! So nice of her!!!

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