Busy Girl

I have been so busy, yet have so much to say. Last weekend Pete’s sister Ann came to visit and it was so nice. She is a really sweet girl and I wish we could see Pete’s family more. It is 3 months and 3 weeks until I am married. I am soo excited about that. Yesterday I spent $625 on park tickets for the Honeymoon. It is so close and I am looking forward to it 100%. We had a small snag in our Photography plans, but Disney accepted responsibility and upgraded our entire package to 8X10’s so that more then made up for it all. I am still waiting on prices for my flowers. I should have them this week. Our Wedding budget is all set and we really do not need to save for much more. I have so many emails to return so if you are waiting they are coming! I also need to email the DJ for our Baltimore Party to set up a time to meet and go over songs and all. This is all really happening. I am so excited to share such a great time with my family and my friends. I have a few surprises set up for my honey while we are on vacation. I have been working hard at planning them. I will find out about the last one on August 9th! The day before his birthday. I have got him a few Birthday gifts (now that I know he reads this I can’t write about them). I need to pick up two more in the next month. Wow time is flying by. Sorry this is one bug long run on paragraph. I just don’t have time to sort out all my thoughts. So I have been learning to use my new big camera and love it to pieces. I have bought a few new things for it. I got a 2nd battery, a remote (for portraits and fireworks shots), an 8 gig memory card, filters and a new bigger eye cup. I plan on having kick ass pictures from Disney World and the cruise! I still need to pick out what tripod I want and get my backpack camera bag. My shower is going to be in September, on my Mom’s birthday. That makes me so happy! Like I am sharing a special day with her. I still have been breaking down and crying once in a while when I think about her not being here with me for this, I miss her so much. Did I mention my cruise is paid for 100% now (thanks Daddy) and now I can book our excursions and our special brunch. I need to make some more of the invitations up for the Baltimore Party! Soo time consuming!!! Oh the girls bridesmaid dresses are on their way to my house as we speak…they should be there by tomorrow. I can not wait to see them on them. Well I better get back to work…..I have more to write about and pictures to share. That will need to wait…hopefully tonight!


3 Responses to “Busy Girl”

  1. Ani Says:

    That is great to share that date with your mom. And it’s hard to remember but your mom is always with you Lisa. Always!

    The tickets weren’t part of the package?

  2. Jenna Says:

    ah i love having that extra battery…i just got the flash for my birthday last week and omg it makes such a difference! the pictures look amazing! i also got the 200 lens its awesome!

    your disney pictures are going to be amazing!!!

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    hey what is the date for the Baltimore Party… to get it on the calendar… but I am so excited for ya!!

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