Day with Friends

Yesterday Crystal and I got up at the butt crack of dawn and drove to PA to visit Nikki and Ryleah.  I had a whole bag of goodies to share with them.  Including my Veil.  I love it so much.  Pete’s mom did such a great job on it!

My VeilMy VeilMy Veil

My Veil

While in PA we went to a few stores.   I got the Hot Pink & Lime Green napkins for the reception.  The reception provides cloth napkins, but not in my colors so I bought nice Pink & Green ones.  We also went to Davids Bridal…HATE THEM!  But I needed my crinoline and I know I could get one there.  I didn’t get the Super big one, just a medium sized one.  My Dress has a built in one, but it needed a bit more umph!  I can’t wait to try on my dress with it.  I also ordered this.


Sheer Organza Sleeves

It is a set of Sheer Organza Sleeves.  Since I have lost weight my arms are flabbier then I would like.  I am not sure if I will use this, but it will be nice to have as an option.  I seen a fellow Disney bride wearing one a few months ago and it looked so great.  So I went to the Horrible Davids Bridal to order one. The lady helping me didn’t disappoint and totally sucked.  At least it is Davids as a whole and not just the horrible Glen Burnie location. 

I had alot of Fun with Nikki, Crystal and the Kids.  Check out all the Pictures HERE.  Of course I have a few Favorites.  Here they are:

BFF'sDakoda & Ryleah

Freezer PopSleeping


4 Responses to “Day with Friends”

  1. Jenna Says:

    wow the pictures of the bubbles looks amazing…

    omg your veil!!! i LOVE it! especially the mickey rhine stones!! 🙂

  2. Ani Says:

    So glad you had a good weekend despite David’s Bridal!

  3. Lauren Says:

    OMG your veil is gorgeous!

  4. kath Says:

    Hi –
    De-lurking to say you are going to be a beautiful bride (love your veil!) and the wedding sounds like it will be so much fun.
    i enjoy reading your blog very much – and I do not mean to be critical – you’re a very good writer, but, “i seen” isn’t proper English.
    It would be “I’ve seen” or “I saw”.
    I’m commenting on it, because in one of your posts, I believe you actually posed the question: “or is it I saw?”.
    Not using proper English undermines your very thoughtful and enjoyable blog; You are obviously a very intelligent woman and your writing, save for that sometimes error, really does reflect that!
    Best wishes for a great bridal shower!

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