Weekend Update with Lisa – Part Two

So it seems like I only update about the weekends.  Well that is because during the week I do the same stuff day after day.  No one cares I did 4 loads of laundry last night or that someone stole ladders out of my yard on Monday! 

Last Sunday we went on a picnic.  It was so fun.  We drove around a while trying to pick a place to go.  We settled on Centennial Park in Howard County.  It is a pretty park.  We had lunch and sat around and chit chatted.  I of course had my camera and I took a bunch of pictures.  That Alyssa is too darn cute.  These are my favorites.  Which one is your favorite:

My (almost) Husband and I!

Uncle Petey and His GirlMe and My Favorite Girl!

Cute Couple!

RaspberriesPretty Girl


Sweet Smile

Weekend Update with Lisa…Part One

What a great weekend!  I had alot of fun and took alot of pictures….Surprised?  I am lucky to have so many cute kids in my life to take pictures of all the time.  The kids know I have my camera with me always.  Saturday Ryleah did something and said to me “Take my Picture Please”.  My Camera was still put away, but she just knew I had it with me and I did.  LOL  I have decided I do not like my purse camera (Olympus 10 megapixel all weather point and shoot).  I have become a camera snob and just think pictures that aren’t taken with my SLR don’t look good any more.  LOL

Friday Laura and Brandon went to visit his cousin in the hospital so Pete and I watched Alyssa.  We took her with us out to dinner and she was a doll baby the whole time.  She is so good.  When we got home I took a few pictures of her and then we fell asleep waiting for Laura.

On saturday I had planned on hanging out with my girls and thier offspring.  We had a great lunch and went to David’s Hellhole Bridal to pick up my sleeves.  The kids had a good time together and played so nicely.

Imported Photos 00613  Imported Photos 00617

Imported Photos 00607  Imported Photos 00662

Imported Photos 00616  Imported Photos 00640

This is how they drive around in the car!


Imported Photos 00664

All Dressed up….Sooo Tired!

Imported Photos 00693  Imported Photos 00694

New Favorite Picture

She looks like a monster!  She was going in to grab my camera strap.  I laugh everytime I look at this!

Devil Girl!!!!


That is what I want to tell people sometimes when they start asking 101 questions about our choice of wedding venues.

Not Counting the the people who dismiss anything Disney as cheesy, lame, tacky, cheap, etc. there have actually been a bunch of people who smirk at the cost of our wedding.  I have had one or two people say we could just go down to city hall and have a dinner and it would be the same since we already live like a married couple anyway.  Um NO!

I’m sure that some of these people have good intentions and are concerned about the fact that Pete and I don’t have very much money.  I always look at them bewildered, like how dare you mock something we’re excited about? Why would you ever assume I’d want to hear your opinion on how we’re going about our wedding day the wrong way?

Pete and I are very aware of how much this wedding is costing us.  We also know that people are going above and beyond to attend our wedding. They’re buying plane tickets, taking a week off of work, flying from all over the country, and listening to me as I talk endlessly about guest lists, flowers, dresses and menu choices. It is not as easy for our guests as it would be if we got married here in Baltimore, in a church with a reception in a hall.  I am sure I would have way more guests then 30 or so.  But I would get what 15 minutes at the most to spend with them as I was rushing here and there.  I will get 5 fun filled days with my favorite people in the whole world! I could fill the church with family and friends.  But that is not what Pete and I want.  We have our reasons for not wanting a wedding here in Baltimore, and they are personal and have nothing to do with money or religion.  We are having a fun filled reception here though (Gotta get those invites out!!).  I do hope all of my invited friends and family who are not able to join us on the beach on November 4, 2008 will celebrate with us at our “Baltimore Party”.  

I love that our wedding focuses on things we love and on spending extra time with our friends and family in a place that is so special to us.  I love that our wedding is taking a year out of my life.  Pete and I spend time each day talking about the wedding. There’s no way I’d be getting him this excited about a party if it wasn’t going to be as much fun as our whole wedding 16 days!.  We’re looking forward to getting so many people we love together in one spot for almost a week. Most everyone is really excited that we’re doing a Disney wedding and when I tell people, we usually get a great reaction.  People know I love Disney.  It’s not Mickey or Cinderella that I love so much (although I do love them a bit) it is the feeling I get in Walt Disney World.  It is the overwhelming happiness I feel in the most magical place on earth.  Pete thought I was nuts and it only took one trip to point him in the right direction.  He loves the way Disney World makes him feel too.  That is the feeling I am trying to recreate with my wedding.  Sure I have a few “Hidden Mickey’s” (it is a wedding on the DISNEY CRUISE LINE….DUH!) but nothing is over the top in your face Disney.  I just want my friends and family to know how much I love that they are sharing this with us.  I want them to look back at the Towel with the 2 *o* *o* 8 Mickey Logo and smile and think about the magic!

Be careful when talking to the bride and groom about their money and how they choose to spend it because planning a wedding is as personal as saying your vows.  The biggest thing that can keep a wedding day from being a memorable, perfect event is a bunch of people telling the bride and groom that they’ve done it wrong.

So like I said some people need to be told to MYOB!

Nine Things You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

1. White Is Not Right  It seems obvious and yet so many guests seem to forget. Material that is mostly white with a small pattern is a no. White suits are a no. If there’s a question…no. White garb is meant for one person only and that’s the bride! Always. End of story. – Opps…My Bridesmaids are in White!

2. Skip the Shorts  Shorts at a wedding? It’s just wrong; even if you dress them up with a blazer or a pair of sexy heels. Guys, no matter how preppy you make ’em, and, girls, no matter how stylish Charlize Theron looks in them, shorts just won’t do at this affair.

3. Keep it Classy  Up-to-there miniskirts, shirts with more buttons undone than not, and bustier tops are best left for a night out with the girls (or that person you really want to wow). We know you’re sexy, you know you’re sexy, but a wedding isn’t the place to show off. Play down the sassy and play up the classy.

4. Coattails Don’t Cut It  If it’s a black tie wedding, men are going to be renting a tux or digging one out of storage, so tap into your inner James Bond. But keep it in check — a classic or modern-cut style is the best bet. Stay away from extra frills like tails, ruffles, loud colors, or satins which are inappropriate and overly fancy. Even if you plan to be the funny man in a powder blue ’70s number, refrain. All attention should be on the groom (and his tricked-out honey, of course).

5. All That Glitters Is Not Gold  Stay away from anything lamé, sequined, shiny, or glittery. It’s distracting (both in person and in those precious keepsake photos). Again, the newlyweds are the star attraction, so resist the urge to be a “shining star.”

6. Lose The Leather  Leather rocks (where would our shoe collection be without it?!) but it’s not the best choice for anything above the ankle on a day of “holy matrimony.” Leather jackets and skirts are probably too casual, and leather pants are just too flashy. Even if the bride and groom are hip enough to roll with it, opt for something more sophisticated.

7. Mad Hatters  Whether you wear a baseball cap to show your allegiance to the A’s, disguise thinning hair, or hide a bad hair day, a wedding (even the most casual summer ceremony) is the last place to don one. Go hatless and hit a home run!
8. Give The Wild West A Rest  
Bandanas, cowboy boots, and ten-gallon hats all make it onto the list of what not to wear. Unless the betrothed couple has planned a themed bash and requests that guests get decked out in ranch gear, save these goodies for another day, pard’ner.

9. Dress to the Nines  Don’t be too cool to don your finest fixings. Honor the couple’s union by leaving your jeans at home — even the really nice ones! Unless the invitation mentions a beach barbecue or luau, forego the casual fare and plan on turning it up. It’s a wedding after all!

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Weight Watchers

Pete and I are still losing.  I lost 1 pound this week and he lost about 2.5, so that brings us to 37 (me) and 47 (Pete).  I think we can get to 50 and 75 by the wedding.  What do you think?