Playing Catch Up

Seems to be my favorite thing to play here lately!  I have been super duper busy.  Who knew being an Aunt was so time consuming.  I like to spend every free minute with my adorable Niece.  There aren’t many free moments, but when I have a few you will find me holding sweet baby Alyssa.  Here are a few of my New Favorite Pictures:

Alyssa & Uncle PeteyPretty Dress

Aunt Lisie & AlyssaPresent from Alyssa

Alyssa & Popeye Pretty Girl

This one tops the list I think:

Lunch Time

Alot of these were taken on Pete’s Birthday. He had a great Birthday full of lots of great gifts and family. I made super yummy dinner and surprised my boy with a Fudgie the Whale Ice Cream Cake. He loved all of his birthday surprises.

Happy Birthday Pete

We went to Laura’s to watch the opening of the Olympics. The opening was good, Laura Fell Asleep, but the Olympics really do nothing for me. I would much rather be watching new fall TV shows. This is how we watched the Olympics:

Just hanging out with our favorite Girl!

I got a few new Wedding related things in the mail:

My Garter:
Personalized Garter

My Wedding Dress Lable (To be Sewn into the inside of the dress):
Wedding Dress Label

Almost everyone is paid in full also. I have booked our excursions and our Fancy Brunch on our day at Sea. I also have a few surprises all set up for Pete on the Honeymoon. I am so excited.

Well Work is kicking my ass, we are super busy and my lunch time is over. I hope you are all doing well.


One Response to “Playing Catch Up”

  1. Jenna Says:

    i don’t blame you…she is sooooo dang cute!!

    i probably couldn’t resist either

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