Weekend Update with Lisa…Part One

What a great weekend!  I had alot of fun and took alot of pictures….Surprised?  I am lucky to have so many cute kids in my life to take pictures of all the time.  The kids know I have my camera with me always.  Saturday Ryleah did something and said to me “Take my Picture Please”.  My Camera was still put away, but she just knew I had it with me and I did.  LOL  I have decided I do not like my purse camera (Olympus 10 megapixel all weather point and shoot).  I have become a camera snob and just think pictures that aren’t taken with my SLR don’t look good any more.  LOL

Friday Laura and Brandon went to visit his cousin in the hospital so Pete and I watched Alyssa.  We took her with us out to dinner and she was a doll baby the whole time.  She is so good.  When we got home I took a few pictures of her and then we fell asleep waiting for Laura.

On saturday I had planned on hanging out with my girls and thier offspring.  We had a great lunch and went to David’s Hellhole Bridal to pick up my sleeves.  The kids had a good time together and played so nicely.

Imported Photos 00613  Imported Photos 00617

Imported Photos 00607  Imported Photos 00662

Imported Photos 00616  Imported Photos 00640

This is how they drive around in the car!


Imported Photos 00664

All Dressed up….Sooo Tired!

Imported Photos 00693  Imported Photos 00694

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