Sorry this update too so long.  I have out of town guests until Sunday night.  After they all left I went to my sister’s to play with my new “Toys”.  I didn’t get home Sunday until late and I crashed. 




Friday night after work I picked up Shannon from the airport and we went to grab a bite to eat at Mimi’s Café.  After eating and refueling we hit the Mall.  I had to drop my wedding band off to be sized.  It was a size 7 and I need a 5.5 .  Next I need my engagement ring sized, but I didn’t want to be without it for the shower.  I also picked up a tripod at the camera store.  Shannon and I had lots of catching up to do.  I was so glad we had Friday to spend together.  When we got home around 9:30pm or so our other out of town guests were still not there yet.  Shannon and I got to working making earrings and an ankle bracelet for the bridesmaids.  Edwin Kim and Julie got there around 10pm and we all stayed up way too late.  Shannon went to bed around 1pm and Kim and I stayed up chatting until almost 4pm!  Pete and Edwin went to the dinner for a bite to eat around 1:00pm or so.  I was so excited that I wasn’t the least bit tired!  I forced myself to go to sleep finally!


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