Saturday Part One

I woke up at 7am because it was like Christmas and I was soo very excited.  I took a shower and got dressed just in time for Laura to drop Alyssa off to me.  I watched her so Laura could get stuff done for the shower.  I woke Shannon up and we headed out to go to the Market for a flower for my hair and flowers for the graveyard.  It was my Mom’s Birthday and I wanted to go and thank her for making sure it didn’t rain!  That’s right no rain, but it was hot as hell!!!  LOL  I forgot in my prayers to ask for it to be sunny and cool.  Oh well, no rain is great!


We stopped by Dunkin Donuts so Shannon could get breakfast then we went to the post office to pick up a last minute gift from Pete’s sister.  Alyssa was getting so tired, but she was still an angel.  At the market I couldn’t decide if I wanted an Orchid or a Lily.  They had Mini Orchid and Big Lilys so I got some of each.  I also picked up a birthday cake for my Grandmom and flowers for my mom’s grave. 


I had a mini cry fest on the way to the graveyard.  I was ok, just sad my Mom wasn’t with me for such a special day.  At the graveyard I thanked my Mom for the sun and put out the pretty flowers.  Alyssa fell asleep at this point. 


I had gotten Nikki and Crystal Candles as a little thank you gift for hosting the shower, so I stopped at Rheb’s and got Laura a small box of Chocolates.  When I got home I wrote out my Thank you notes and got together all of our attendants gifts.  We had decided to give them to our attendants that night instead of dragging them to Florida with us.


Alyssa was still tired so I took her up for a nap and I got ready and iron Pete’s clothes for him too.  We were all ready to walk out the door at 2:00pm.  I wanted to be early to check everything out.  Pete, Shannon, Alyssa and I headed to my sisters while Edwin, Kim and Julie finished getting ready. 


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