Saturday Part Two

The drive over to Laura’s was nerve wracking….I was so excited inside. Well probably outside too! We pulled up and I called my Dad to help us with all of our things. He came out and told me how pretty I looked. It made me feel real good. Then we walked into Laura’s and they showed me my cake. I was Floored! It was so awesome. I started tearing up. They also showed me the favors. It was a tiny flower pot with foam in it holding up a Chocolate Pop. There were also packs of seeds that said “Lisa’s Shower” and the date. I am not a big fan of favors, but these were amazing. All three hostesses and my Dad worked on them. Laura painted the pots, my Dad figured out the foam, Nikki made the Chocolate pops and Crystal got the seeds. Then I went into the back room and looked out at the yard. I wanted to cry it all looked so pretty! I felt so loved. Pete came up behind me and he was very impressed too. It was all so great.

Yard before GuestsFood Tent

My Seat!!!!

The Centerpieces were awesome.  Gerbrea Daisies in vases and candles tired with green and pink ribbon.  Soo Pretty!


Candles on the Tables

Within 5 minutes of me walking through the door the guests started arriving. headed out back to greet everyone. I also got out the camera and started taking pictures. I didn’t want to forget a thing. One of my favorite parts was my Seat! It had a Gerbera Daisy Umbrella instead of a frilly lacey wedding shower umbrella. I don’t think a shower is a shower with out an umbrella! Plus I get to keep the umbrella to use on all the rainy days. I mingled around trying to stop and talk to each table. It was hard work. I kept thinking that I was leaving people out.

The Food spread was awesome! For appetizers there were meatballs, cheese & crackers, fruit, spinach dip, pepperoni, and a few other things. Then for the main course there was grilled pork loin and grilled jerk chicken breast with grilled pineapples, salad, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, mini chicken salad sandwiches on little Hawaiian sweet rolls and I am sure a few things I am forgetting. My sister had a whole food tent set up. We also had soda’s lemonade and “Adult Raspberry Lemonade”.

After appetizers it was time for me to open my gifts. I am never nervous in front of crowds, but to day I was. I was overwhelmed by everything. The first half of my gift opening I had a very serious face. I just kept thinking to my self how lucky I was that all of these people cared about me, then I would remember to smile at the bowl I just opened. It was funny when I look back on it. I got sooo many great gifts. They are all on Flickr. I took pictures of them all Sunday night at Laura’s cause I didn’t want to forget anything.


Serving Bowl

Bath Rug



Toasting Flutes

Opening Presents

 So Excited


After the gifts it was time to eat the main course and I went around and thanked everyone. Nikki made me a plate because I had not eaten. I was too excited.

Saturday was my Grandmother’s 78th Birthday. She came with all of my aunts and I had a birthday cake for her. We all sang and it was so cute, she asked if it was her first birthday since we only had one candle. She has Alziemers and it is so sad. I miss her so much. She was my young fun Grandma. When I was born she is only in her 40’s and she was the Grandmother who drove and would roll around on the floor with us. Now she is a person who doesn’t know us. I remember only 5 years ago when my mom dying sitting there crying with my head in her lap as she rubbed my hair, now she doesn’t know us at all. I was happy she could be there with me though.

Happy Birthday Grandmom

It was time for my CAKE!

The BEST Cake Ever!
They brought it out and Pete and I posed for a few pictures.

Lisa & Pete

Me and My Honey


The cake table was set up so nice. It had bride and groom wine toppers, and the favors and plates and forks and knives. It was all so matchy and pretty! The cake was amazing. I don’t even like cake, but this was good! I loved the Icing sooo much and the cake maker wasn’t stingy with it in the least. It is funny the cake was the only Disney element of my shower, and it was one of my favorites.

Favors Plates, Spoons, Forks Etc.Bride and Groom Wine Bottle Decorations

After cake people started heading out. I made rounds again thanking them and saying goodbyes. Once most people had gone I sat with my Aunts and Grandmom in the basement to Visit while the clean up was going on. Pete carried all of our gifts in and we decided we would take them home this week. It was just too much.

My family all left and then it was just Pete and I and our whole wedding party! We had a few adult beverages and took some group photos and had snacks.

Me and Shannon


Nikki and I

Me & My Girl!

Crystal and Me

Nikki, Lisa & Crystal

Me and My Girls

This is when we gave out our Attendants Gifts. I got the girls beach bags, cool hair barrettes, Earrings, Ankle bracelets, shirts that said Bridesmaid, or Maid of Honor and Mickey Earrings. I hoped they liked it all. Pete got the guys Cap Catchers, Beer buckets and Knives. Brandon, the police officer, cut himself with in a minute. LOL

Lisa, AKA the Bride!

Yum, Jello Shots!

The party broke up around 11:30pm or so and we all headed home. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I am so thankful for Laura, Nikki and Crystal’s efforts to make my bridal Shower Day more then perfect!


7 Responses to “Saturday Part Two”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I’m so glad I was able to come and be with you at your shower! I’m happy everyone liked the anklets and earrings I made for the wedding!
    The shower was really beautiful!

  2. cady Says:

    lisa your shower was beautiful! your sister and friends did such an amazing job.

  3. Sherry Cannon Says:

    You were sooo beautiful! Glad you had a great time!

  4. Ani Says:

    It looked like a wonderful day and beatifully put together. You looked so happy Lisa. I am so glad you had a terrific time. Again so sorry I missed it.

  5. Lisanne Says:

    I’m SO glad that everyone had a great time ~ especially you! Thanks so much for the recap! Loved the pictures. Again, SO sorry that I couldn’t make it. You really looked great, and so did everyone else! How many people were there?

  6. mamamichele Says:

    awwww they did such a good job! Everything looked so pretty. Sure wish I could have been there with yall! I WONT miss the “baby shower” when ya get around to havin a little one! 🙂 lol I LOVE the flower in your hair. BEAUTIFUL. what a nice touch.
    It looks like yall got some useful stuff!

  7. Laura Says:

    Lisa Im so glad that you enjoyed the shower!!!!

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