Wedding Wedding Everywhere

We are sooo close now.  One Month and one Day until we leave for Florida.  Pete and I are so excited.   I can not wait to get my dress back…..I want to try it one so bad!  I miss it.  Have I mentioned how much I love my dress.  I love it sooo much.  It is the perfect dress.  It is casual enough for a beach wedding and elegant enough to wear in the Magic Kingdom. 

In the past week soooo much good has happened. 

  • We received the Marriage License Final Paper Work
  • We received our Wedding Confirmation Paper Work
  • We received our Cruise Documents & Luggage Tags
  • We received our Hotel Information and Transfers (Pre-Cruise)
  • We received our Transfers (Post Cruise)
  • We received our Guest Book & Pens for Guest Book
  • I finished 99% of the Invitations
  • Had Invitations weighted (only one stamp needed …. YAY!)
  • Printed 65 Return Response Cards
  • Made Pedicure Appointments for Pete and I
  • Made Hair, Waxing & Eyelash Tinting Appointments
  • Got an Awesome Shirt for the Honeymoon……. “And they lived Happily Ever After”
  • Bought a “Bride” Hoodie 

We are so close.

We took pictures of us signing the Marriage License paperwork tonight.

Signing Marriage License

Signing Marriage License

Other Random Pictures…….


Luggage Tags



Cruise Documents

oh and just because….

Imported Photos 01016


4 Responses to “Wedding Wedding Everywhere”

  1. jesser Says:

    Ooh! it is getting soooo close! You must be so excited.

  2. Ani Says:

    All this stuff is soo much fun!

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I am so happy and excited for ya… and really wish we could be there for your special day… oh well… you can have fun for us instead lol…

  4. Jenna Says:

    omg i can’t believe its almost time!!!!!!!

    🙂 i’m so excited for you!

    you know i’m so mad i forgot to take pics of us getting our marriage license that would of been a good picture to have for the scrapbook!

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