I registered to Vote while I was in Highschool.  We were allowed to register in February of 1996 if we were going to be 18 before the next elections.  I registered Democrat.  I only did because my Mom was a Democrat and I had no Idea what I was.  Through the years I thought I was republican and voted as such in the past two elections.  In reality I am not sure what I am.  I believe what I believe and I don’t fit into one category or the other.  I need a “Lisa” Category.  For instance, I believe in same sex marriage, I don’t like the idea of universal health care, I believe a women has the right, or at leasta choice if she wants an abortion.  I believe everyone has a right to bare arms (responsibly).  These are just a few minor issues.  There is much heavier issues at hand in this current election.  I urge all of you to vote.  It is your American given right.  I have my absentee ballot and I need to fill it out soon and mail it back in.  Even though I will be out of the country on Wedding Election Day I want to make sure my vote counts.  Watch the Video above, it is sooo funny!


One Response to “V-O-T-E”

  1. jesser Says:

    You sound like me (I think we actually lined up on ALL of those issues). And I really don’t know who to vote for this go-around. I am so discouraged I have been seriously considering voting for a 3rd party candidate or abstaining from presidential vote altogether. *sigh* I feel like I should but I am very bummed about the whole thing. We should start our own party …

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