I have been so busy lately I have not bragged about my sweetie!  Alyssa is getting so big, she weighs around 18 pounds now and is so active.  She crawls all over the place and is pulling herself up all the time.  She is such a big girl.  Her first tooth broke through today.  Bottom Right.  Thank goodness…she has been miserable.  She loves her Aunt Lisie and Uncle Pete so much.  We don’t see her with out her giving us big kisses.  She loves kisses.  She kisses her Disney Princess Backpack all the time and her favorite thing to kiss is her reflection.  She kisses it in mirrors and on the shiny coffee table.  LOL  She is talking up a storm.  Most words sound like Ba Ba Ba, but she also says Diaper, Ma, Da and Popeye (my dad).

I will leave you with my new favorite pictures of her….LOL  Laura was washing the Door and stepped out to do the outside of the door….Look who was looking for Kisses:

AlyssaLOL...It's all I can say!
AlyssaHow Much is the Baby in the Window


One Response to “Alyssa”

  1. Ani Says:

    Aww she wanted her mama.

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