Busy Night

Tonight Pete and I ran alot of errends.  I had forgotten my purse today and couldn’t go to the bank during lunch time.  Afyer work I picked Pete up and we went to the bank and to the Mall and to a few other stores.  we ended with dinner and we just got home.  I am so tired.  As soon as we are done watching survivor I am heading to bed.  I have a bunch of new stuff to cross off the list!  Pete got his dress shirt tonight along with 4 “Wife Beater” tee shirts, a new belt and some new underwear.  We then went to the store and I got 6 pair of underwear and 2 new bras.  Pete also got a New York Giants and I got a purple tee shirt.  We should have everything we need for the trip now.  I want to start laundry and packing tomorrow.  We also want to squeeze in a date tomorrow since Sunday we are spending time with Alyssa and cleaning the house. 


  • Programs.  (Half Done)
  • Instruction Sheet for DJ
  • Update iPod Playlist
  • Buy Pete’s Dress Shirt for Special Photos
  • Clean out Car
  • Get back on my diet
  • Print Final Cruise Paperwork
  • Go Food Shopping
  • Make Shirts for Flower Girl & Ring Bearer.  (Half Done)
  • Make two One Shirts for me.
  • Clean my entire house top to bottom (my inlaws will be staying at my house while I am on my Honeymoon).
  • Pick up a few last minute items from Walmart/Target.
  • Go Shopping for one more Shirt Bras & Panties for trip
  • Laundry.
  • Packing.
  • Win the Lottery to pay for all this stuff! (COME ON…I WISH)
  • Call to Confirm Surprise for Pete
  • Get Hair Highlighted and Cut
  • Get nails Done
  • Get Toes Done
  • Get Eyebrows done
  • Exchange Tripod
  • Get Garment Bag out of Attic
  • Meet with Reception Site for Final Payment.
  • Call/Email all of the People who have not just RSVP’ed (Why do people not know what RSVP means?).
  • Go to the Dr. (I have a small cough and I don’t want it to turn into anything more).   
  • Pick up Pete’s Suit from the seamstress
  • Order Candles for the Baltimore Reception
  • Order Cake
  • Cancel old Hair Appointment
  • Favor Cards for the Baltimore Reception (Half Done)
  • Favors for the Cruise Reception.
  • Call the people who did not send in their RSVP Cards and did not return my Email
  • Pay Bills for when we are gone
  • Table Set up for reception
  • Put together Kids Gift Bags
  • Individually Bag Table Crystals
  • Call to Confirm Van Transportation
  • Meet with Photographer
  • Iron on Disney Bride Patch on my Jacket
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One Response to “Busy Night”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Can you believe how quickly your wedding is approaching! Holy cow! You’re going to be a Mrs. before you know it! I was thinking just the other day about how close your wedding is. Enjoy these last moments of wedding planning, and good luck with getting things done!

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