I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Ocean City.  Pete and I had a great time and spent way too much money.  Here is a list of  updates cause I am too tired to type out a real update entry.

  • Working on Day 4 – Wedding Day Update!
  • Bought lots of Christmas Gifts
  • Need a bigger house (to put aforementioned Christmas Gifts)
  • New Bed comes on Tuesday!  Hip Hip Hooray!
  • Need to clean room and make space for new bed
  • Been married almost a month and it is still wonderful
  • Alyssa is getting so big
  • Hoping to finalize plans for New Years Trip
  • Made Reservations for Bed & Breakfast Getaway (Christmas Gift to each other).
  • Need to get Alyssa a Baptism Gown
  • Need more sleep….can’t wait for new bed!

Ok, that’s all I can think of now….Have a good night!

Wedding Trip – Day 3

Today was our first full day of our cruise.  We were all excited, but me the most!  Tomorrow was my wedding day!  EKKK!  I was up at 6am (again…see a trend here).  I just could not sleep.  Our bed was soo comfy, but I had the whole day ahead of me!  We were visiting Nassau, The Bahamas today!  I head sweet Alyssa “talking” next door and went out on the balcony to visit her.  They were all up and getting ready for thier day too!  Alyssa came to our room to visit me and Uncle Petey while Laura got dressed.  Have I mentioned how much I love this baby? 

Imported Photos 00355

Pete went to his parents room to see if they wanted to join us for breakfast.  I headed to the buffet with Alyssa, Laura, Brandon, my Dad, Miss Joyce and Timmy.  We tried to hold a table but for some reason Pete’s dad went on the other side of the restaurant.  I ate with my family and Pete was torn so he went and ate with his family.  I don’t really understand all of what was going on, but oh well!

Imported Photos 00359

Imported Photos 00360Imported Photos 00361

Breakfast was good until one of the workers spilled bleach on my extremely fair skinned (red headed) niece!  Laura took Alyssa up to bathe her and I headed to the lobby.  I knew it was the princess meet & greet and my favorite little flower girl was dying to meet her “Best Friend” Cinderella.  Well I was two seconds too late and she had already met Cinderella.  She now was meeting Snow White.  Well she was telling Snow White all about meeting Cinderella, then she moved on to Belle, again Bell heard all about the greatness of the “Boss of the Princesses”, Cinderella.

Imported Photos 00369

We then headed upstairs where Alice (from Wonderland of course) and Captain Hook and Wendy were waiting for visitors. Ryleah was could see Cinderella from the overlook and she took Alice over for a look.

Imported Photos 00382

She told Alice how Cinderella was her favorite and she met her.  Alice not missing a beat told Ryleah she looked just like Cinderella and asked if she could get her picture taken with “Cinderella”.  Ryleah smiled and posed for a quick picture before moving on to meet Captain hook.  She wasn’t scared at all.  I think Disney puts Wendy out with him as a buffer.

Imported Photos 00376

I hugged and kissed my favorite princess and told her I would see her later.

Imported Photos 00372

  I went down to deck two forward (not aft as we had been told by a waiter in the buffet) to wait for Pete and his parents.  Who is waiting right there to also get off but my good friend Michele and her husband.  We sat and talked until the opened the gangway up.  Right before they opened the gangway up Pete and his parents showed up.

 Imported Photos 00390

We got off the ship early, like 9:15am.  We had to meet our tour guide at 10am.  We decided I would go ahead and meet her and then Pete would walk with his parents and sister.  I told him I would be at the fountain across from the buildings.  I didn’t know what fountain or where it was located.  They were the instructions from the tour guide so I passed them on.  When I got to the fountain who was right there but Michele and Steven again. 

Imported Photos 00392

We talked some more while I waited for Pete and his family.  I saw our tour guide and I told her that Pete’s parents were older and couldn’t walk all that well and she agreed to come to the gate to get them.  Well right after that I saw Pete and he was upset.  He couldn’t find me (I was at the fountain like I said).  I think he was really upset because the walk from the cruise ship to the tour was hard on his parents and sister.  They have been living in Arizona for 2 years and the humidity, along with mobility problems and his dad’s COPD really took a toll on them.  Once we all got in the van I was concerned for his dad who was having a difficult time breathing so I asked to tour guide to stop at a store and I ran in to get us some water.  After sitting in the AC a bit and having something to drink his parents started feeling better. 

I at this time decided to cut a bunch of stuff from our tour.  It was just too much for them.  I didn’t realize it when we booked the tour.  I just knew Pete’s family wanted to do “something” in the Bahamas and I thought the guided tour would be the best.  I didn’t even think about the walk from the ship to the town.  Anyway….We ended up driving to most of the locations on my list, but not really getting out.  We went to Fort Fin Castle, The Queens Staircase, Fort Charlotte, Gray Cliff, a seafood place (Pete’s dad wanted Conch) and a little driving tour.  Our tour guide was chocked full of information.  Graycliff is a Cigar place, well a upscale resurant and it has a humidor and a bunch of Cubans rolling (legal) cigars.  Pete got cigars for all the guys on the trip and they enjoyed them (yuk!) later on the top deck! 

Imported Photos 00395Imported Photos 00400Imported Photos 00408

Imported Photos 00419
Imported Photos 00423
Imported Photos 00422

In the Cigar bar there is a smoking room full of chairs and all.  The whole place smelled so bad I almost got sick.  In the Cigar lounge area there was a HIGHCHAIR!  Ugh!  It was nuts.

Imported Photos 00427

I also saw a foreign child removing her (oh I know for sure it was a girl) diaper and her parents didn’t seem to care. 

Imported Photos 00412

After our tour Pete’s sister wanted to shop around and I wanted back on the ship.  I was pretty miserable, I was hot and I was disappointed that the tour turned out the way it did.  I felt bad for Pete’s parents, they looked beat and needed a rest so bad.  We had the tour guide try to get us a cart to take them to the ship, but the best we could do was the little shuttle that we had to wait a while for. 

Pete helped his parents to their room and I went back to ours.  We were greeted with a plate of cookies…everyday we got some little surprise in our room.  It was so nice.

Imported Photos 00452

We changed and headed to Tritons for some real lunch.  The Conch was not to great and we were hungry.  Tritons is a fancy place and the place we were having dinner that night.  We spilt a burger and some mushroom risotto.  YUM!  I also ran into Karen and Kayla…They were friends from the Disboards and were also holding a “meet in the Sweet” later on the cruise since they had an awesome suite on the ship.

Imported Photos 00453

After lunch we walked around the empty ship some.  I was so wishing we had just spent the day on board enjoying all the greatness the ship has to offer.  We got near the adult pool and bumped into my BFF’s Nikki & Crystal who were hanging out with their family.  It was so nice.  I talked to Pete and we decided to go put on our swim suits and join them.  We headed down to change.

Once in our room Pete needed a nap.  So I changed, lotion-ed up and hit the deck with the girls.  It was great.  The best afternoon of the trip.  The kids were all enjoying a day in the kids club and us adults had drinks and lounged.  We were joined by Laura and Michele and it was a fun afternoon.  I kept watching for Pete to join us, but he didn’t.  Guess he was sleeping good. 

Crystal got a page from the kids club and Dakoda was done hunting huffalumps and was ready to go.  Nikki went with her and they got the kids and I have no idea what they did next.  Michele, Laura and I hung out for a while.  I needed to get ready for dinner so I said goodby and stopped by the bar and sent Laura a drink.  The waiter took it over to her and she was almost asleep in the pool and he startled her.  She got out and ran over to thank me.  I headed down to our floor and there was Pete at the elevators all dressed in his swim suit (That I left on board the ship).  I changed my mind and headed back to the pool.  Laura was still waiting there so we all got in the pool, then the hot tub!  It was the best afternoon. 

Tonight was the Toy Story show and I forgot my Camera. It was the worst of all the shows, not very entertaining. The beginning was good, but the middle and end were bad. Dakoda and Ryleah loved it though.

It was formal night at dinner so we all got dressed up and had a great dinner in Tritons. I sat and enjoyed desert with Shannon, Jon and Shannon’s parents. Our waiter made Shannon Minnie ears so she could look like me.

Imported Photos 00501

After dinner the guys were heading to the deck to smoke and the girls were going to go to a club, but I was tired.  

I don’t think I have mentioned my father shaving Mickey into the back of his head!  I was sooo angry when I saw it, but part of my anger was I was putting my Mom’s picture into the locket I was attaching to my bouquet and I was missing her when my Dad walked in and showed off his handy work the day before we left for Florida. It did end up growing on me.  So anyways this night he blackened the shaved part in.

Imported Photos 00495

I swear he is 12 years old some times, and not the cool ready for highschool 12 year old, but the nerdy I am in middle school 12 year old! Sometimes my sister is a 12 year old too. LOL She ordered Mickey Bars everynight for desert.

Imported Photos 00494

It was so exciting I was getting married in the morning.  Nikki, Crystal, Laura and Ms. Linda, Crystal’s mom came into my room to wish me good luck!  After our short visit I was asleep, sound asleep until, yup you guessed it 6am!

You can see all of the pictures from Day Three HERE!


I want to interupt these Trip Reports…..

Pete and I bought a new bed!  I am so excited.  We got a king sized Sealy Posturepedic It is sooo nice.  I can not wait until it gets delivered.  We spent about half of our wedding money on it.  It is a good investment.  Now we sleep in Pete’s bed.  It is his bed that he had in Iowa while he was in Chiropractic School.  It is old, like 10 years and we are so ready for an upgrade.  We will be moving our old bed into the guest room.  I love having aguest room.  It makes things so easy when we have guests.  Now it will even be better because they will have more room. 

To go with our new bed we needed sheets.  So we headed to Macy’s last night and got a great bedroom set:



We got everthing you see:  Bedskirt, Bedspread, Sheets, Two differant Pillowshams, Two sets of curtians and throw pillows!

Isn’t it soo pretty!  I totally love it and can not wait to sleep in all the new bed splender!

This weekend we are heading to Ocean CIty and Rehoboth for some shopping and a post wedding getaway!  I can not wait for Friday to get here!

Wedding Trip Report – Day 2

I woke up early as heck this morning.  See we set the clocks back last night before we went to sleep, well we should have!  I woke up and started packing and Pete rolled over and asked me what time it was…I told him a few minutes after 7….Nope a few minutes after 6!  LOL  So I got back in bed, but I was wide awake.  It was cruise day!  EKKK!  So Pete said lets head up for some breakfast.  We were like the 9th people at the food court.  We got our breakfast and we got coffee for Pete’s parents and took it to them.  I headed back to our room to finish packing and Pete went to get a luggage cart to help get his parent’s bags and stuff. 

 Imported Photos 01506Imported Photos 00174

I stopped by my Sister’s room to say good morning to my favorite baby!  We hung out a few minutes, but I still had lots of packing to do.  Dakoda came over and helped me pack, or watched Little Einstein’s….whatever!  Crystal made him go get some breakfast and I had just about everything packed and was finishing last minute stuff when Ryleah came and hung out with me.  I swear I love these kids.  I totally loved being surrounded by them all during this trip.  I can not imagine this trip with out the kids, without my friends, without my family.  SO wonderful!  We were all checked out by 9:00am and the vans were already out front.  YAY!

Imported Photos 01507Imported Photos 01508Imported Photos 01509

I walked over and they had my name on a sign in the window.  They were ours!  We loaded up and hit the road.  We were all excited.  We stopped at a liquorstore since Disney lets you BYOB.  We were so early the liquor part of the store wasn’t opened yet.  Oh well, some people got a few 6 packs and we will be in the Bahamas tomorrow.  I got a text from Kim, and she, Edwin & Julie had landed and were boarding the Magical Express.  Yay all of my favorite people were finally in Florida!

 Imported Photos 01520

We got dropped off outside the terminal and flashed our passports and were on our way.  We walked in and breezed through security.  We headed up the escalator and made our way to the check in desk!  Since about 1/2 of us had cruised before we headed to the Castaway Club desk.  Disney assigns numbers and then calls them for boarding.  Since we are getting married they saved us a No. 2, we were told our whole group could board with us…it was like 20 of us there at this point.  After a quick picture with first mate Goofy our number was called and we headed onto the ship!

 Imported Photos 01525

We had receiveda card at check that told us to meet with our wedding coordinator, Lars at 3:00pm at Guest Services, but we had 3.5 hours or so until then.  I gave my dress to Guest Services for steaming and took care of a small onboard credit issue my Dad had and them we headed to Parrot Cay for a Welcome Buffet.  Little did we know half of our group had went up to Beach Blanket Buffet instead of Parrot Cay.  So we were split up.  Lunch was great and then the waitress comes and says “do you have room at your table for this family?”  I was thinking NOOO!  LOL  I looked over and it was Kim, Julie and Edwin.  Yay, of course there is room!

Imported Photos 01545

We all enjoyed lunch, but were starting to get tired.  Our rooms should have been ready at 1pm and it was 12:45pm now so we all headed to our rooms.

Imported Photos 00179Imported Photos 00182 

Half of our group had inside cabins and half of us had Balcony rooms.   We were all on the same floor and all right in a row.  It was great.  Now we had a Balcony, but only because it was our wedding.  I have cruised many times in both inside and outside cabins, it doesn’t matter what kinda room you have there is so much to do on the ship you are a fool if you spend anytime at all in your room.  We only slept there!

Imported Photos 00185Imported Photos 00190

A few of our bags had arrived, but not all.  No big deal.  We went to explore the ship.  We walked along Route 66 and ended in Diversions….Who did we run into, but Jon and Hale.  My friend Shannon’s husband and father.  It was nice to say hi and talk to them for a while.

Imported Photos 00195

Imported Photos 00196

Imported Photos 00199

Imported Photos 00201

Soon it was 3pm and we headed to Guest Services to meet Lars.  Now what we didn’t make public knowledge was that our civil ceremony was going to take place today before we left Florida.  We didn’t want to take away from our real wedding so we only told Laura and Brandon, the Maid of Honor and Best Man.  We didn’t want some strangers signing out marriage license, we wanted our best people!  Laura tool pictures and we all teared up!  It was official we were Mr. & Mrs. Reese, but shhhhhh, we aren’t telling. 

Imported Photos 00209

Imported Photos 00214

Imported Photos 00228

Laura had planned for the four of us to go for a celebratory drink, but we had to meet with Lars.  Laura and Edwin headed to the bar and Pete and I went to another bar to sit quietly to talk to Lars.  I gave him the programs, the CD’s and the order of how things were to be done.  We chatted a few minutes and then it hit me……I left all of Pete’s shoes in Maryland!  His sandals for the wedding, his shoes for the Magic Kingdom Photos.  ALL OF THEM!!!!!  It was horrible, I started crying right away.  I cried all the way back to our room, I cried in our room, Pete got Laura and she tried to calm me down, but it was hard.  All my planning, all my work and I forgot Pete’s shoes!!!!!!!!  Pete went to help his parents get up to the muster drill.  They are older and have some mobility issues so we didn’t want them to have to wait long for an elevator.  I stayed in the room and tried to stop crying.  It was awful!  (Now that it is over, it wasn’t that big of a deal and it was the only snag in the whole 12 days). 

We were all lined up in our life vest and Shannon saw that I had been crying.  I was trying to tell her way, but she was like 3 groups of people down from me.  Finally the lady leading the drill let her come hug me.  She offered up Jon’s shoes, which Pete did wear for our Palo brunch.  I calmed down and realized it was ok.  Laura said she would ship the shoes to us for the Magic Kingdom Pictures and Pete could wear his flip flops for the beach wedding, all would be fine. The kids all liked trying on their life jackets!

Imported Photos 00235Imported Photos 00232Imported Photos 00234

It was time to Part-ty!  It was time for the sail away party.  We all went to our rooms to return our life vest and then headed to the deck.  Well first I took a detour to thr photo department to try to talk them into giving me what I wanted.  It didn’t happen, but I did line up an experienced photo grapher for the wedding day!

 Imported Photos 00237

It was great…I love that the horn plays the first few notes of “When You WIsh Upon A Star”….Magical!  The kids danced, I took pictures and we all had a good time.  Once I got back to the room I was thirsty and Pete wanted a snack so we called room service.  We got an All Hands on Deck cheese try and a hot dog.  Love the 24 hour room service.

Imported Photos 00302

We had late dinner and early show, which ment we had to go get ready for the nights activities. Most of us made it to the show.  It was so great.  I loved it.  The Golden Mickey’s.  It was an awards show, like the Golden Globes.   The kids loved it, I loved it.  It was fun!  Disney is so great, after the show there is about 45 minutes until dinner.  This gave Crystal, Kim and Nikki time to take the kids to the clubs.  There also a short game show or something during this in between time.  I went back to the room and changed I think, then it was dinner time.

We had dinner this first night at Parrot Cay.  OMG  I had the best steak.  It was so good.  We all enjoyed dinner and only Michele and Jason and Crystal’s mom were a bit sea sick.  They all applied their sea sick patches and were fine from there on out.  All of our tables were close to one another so during dinner Pete and I mingled around.  The whole point in the cruise wedding was to spend time with our guest.  We didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked, but we spent way more time then we would have gotten to if our wedding was here.

Imported Photos 00323Imported Photos 00324Imported Photos 00327

After dinner there was a “Dating Game” type show that Pete and I wanted to get picked for so we headed to Wave Bands to  see what was up.  We didn’t get picked, but Michele, Steven, my Dad, Pete and I enjoyed ourselves.  After the game show Michele and Steven went to bed and Pete, my Dad and I checked out the score of “the Game” in the sports bar before heading back to our rooms.  It turned out to be 70’s night so we stopped and watched a bit of the disco show too. 

Imported Photos 00337Imported Photos 00341

Imported Photos 00343

It was a LONG LONG EXCITING day, and now it was time for SLEEP!  We all headed to our cabins.  I think Pete may have went to sit on deck with Edwin, but I am not sure.  I was asleep as soon as my head it the pillow!

You can check out all of the pictures from Day Two HERE!


My friend Vanessa is a finalist in a contest to win a great photography package and flowers.  This is from her:
I have always dreamed of a Disney wedding but I couldn’t afford one ..
I have now settled for the next best thing a Swan & Dolphin wedding and I am as happy as can be. I entered a contest and now I am a finalist to win I am so excited for the prize! It is a chance to win some beautiful photography and floral…Finances are really tight right now and it would mean a lot to my DF and myself to win this. I am very excited if you can take the chance to read my story and Vote for us.


We are Vanessa and Rafael Thank You

Magic Kingdom Photos

Ok so I am totally skipping ahead to Day 10!  My Magic Kingdom Photos are up!  Here is a Sneak Peak:

Magic Kingdom


I will post more when I get to Day 10!  I just had to share one of my favorites….I have like 30 favorites….I love them so much.  Best Wedding $$$$ I spent!

Wedding Trip Report – Day One

I am going to start my wedding trip report now that all of my company has headed home.

Imported Photos 01408 Imported Photos 01409

Our trip started on November 1, 2008!  We woke up bright and early at 5am.  I couldn’t sleep anyway!  I was so excited.  We were leaving for Florida!!!  I called Laura to make sure she was awake and she and my brother in law, Brandon and Niece Alyssa were heading to my Dad’s house, the designated meeting spot.  Our fight was leaving at 8:50am and we got to BWI Airport around 7:00am.  The cars were loaded to the tops!  It was nuts.  Pete and I had 5 suitcases alone. It was so early. Alyssa was still Sleepy!

 Imported Photos 01417

Imported Photos 01414

We checked in and the witch working the Airtran counter charged us $117 for extra baggage fees.  Since we bought out tickets back in February we were allowed 2 bags each.  Pete and I each had two and sent one with my Dad.  BUT two of my Bags were overweight and one was over sized.  Darn airlines and all of their dumb rules! The kids were all decked out in Cinderella gear and so excited about their first Airplane rides.

Imported Photos 01422Imported Photos 01423Imported Photos 01425
Imported Photos 01433Imported Photos 01443

When we got to our gate I went to talk to the flight attendant.  I needed a place to store my dress.  She gladly switched us to an exit row so we could board first.  I got one whole overhead for my dress.  The flight was un-eventful and we got to Florida before 11am. 

Imported Photos 01448
Imported Photos 01449

We got off of the plane and headed down to the first floor of the airport to catch the Magical Express bus to the Pop Century Resort.  Ryleah sat in the front seat with me and we started watching the video they show on the bus and then she fell fast asleep and missed the Welcome to Disney World Sign.

Imported Photos 01467

Imported Photos 01465

As I was getting off of the Disney Bus I heard “Are you Goldeelox?”  I turned around and said yes.  The girl then said “I’m StitchlovesTink”.  We laughed and talked about the upcoming cruise.  It was so neat to meet her.  I met TONS of people who had followed my trip on the DisBoards.  That was really fun to try to explain to my Internet incompetent father.  LOL

Imported Photos 01471

Imported Photos 01472

When we checked into the hotel our room was not yet ready, but my Dad’s room was so we dropped our stuff off there and headed to find Pete’s Parents.  It had been over a year since we had saw them in person and we missed them so much.  We headed to their room and when we called they told us they were up at the food court.  Pete and I headed that way. 

We walked into the food court and seen Pete’s Dad.  He video’ed us walking towards him, but he turned it off and jumped up to give us big hugs.  Then Pete’s mom and sister headed over from the gift shop.  There were lots of hugs.  We all sat down and talked about what to do.  Pete and I had originally planned to head to Downtown Disney so we tossed that idea out to his parents.  They thought it sounded great so we headed to the buses.  It was so good to see them after so long.

Imported Photos 01474

We waited no more then 7 minutes or so for a bus the whole trip and this was no different.  It was great.  We all loaded onto the bus and were at Downtown Disney in about 15 minutes.   While we were on the bus I called to see if we could get ADR’s at Raglan Road.  They told me that 1:00pm was the ONLY time they had available.  I said ok and knew we would be 5 minutes late or so.  The restaurant was EMPTY!  We could have walked in anytime during the hour or 1.5 hours we were there.

Imported Photos 01482

Oh well….The food was amazing.  We all enjoyed it totally!  After we were done eating we headed out to walk around.  I love the World of Disney Store.  I didn’t buy a single thing though, I didn’t want to have to drag it onto the cruise.  It was getting late so we had to head for the buses.

Once we got back to the hotel our room was ready and we got our things from Laura’s room and went to our room.  We discovered that our room was right in the middle of Nikki’s and Crystal’s rooms.  My room connected with Crystal’s.  Dakoda and Ryleah came over to visit until it was time to get ready for our rehersal dinner.

Imported Photos 00049

Pete and I showered and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We all met at the front of the hotel and got taxis to the Polynesian Hotel.   This hotel is so pretty!  Jason, my friend Mikkel’s fiance delivered Pete’s Groom’s Cake, but the restaurant wouldn’t take it into the kitchen to be served since they didn’t make it.  I gave it to Pete while we were waiting for our table.  Our reservations were for 8:30pm, but we did not get our seats until 9:15pm or so.  We could see the Wishes fireworks from our table, it was great!   

Imported Photos 00061

The food here was wonderful.  Everyone enjoyed it.  The serve all this meat off of skewers.  We had Steak, Turkey, Shrimp and Pork along with noodles, the best salad ever, veggies and wontons.  I didn’t take any pictures, I was too excited.  We took our gifts bags for the kids and for our parents and they loved them.  Ryleah LOVED taking pictures with her camera!  We gave my Dad a pocket knife, a Raven’s Flask, a Beach bag, a Father of the Bride hat and a Hankie from me that said “Daddy, Today a Bride, Tomorrow a Wife, Always your Little Girl, November 4, 2008, Love Lisa”.  We gave Pete’s Dad a Father of the Groom hat, a Pocket Watch and a stuffed animal.  His Mom got a locket and necklace, a Hankie for me, a Stuffed animal and they got a Beach Bag to share.  We also gave his mom and sister Mother and Sister of the Groom shirts.

Pete cut his HUGE cake and we passed it around.  It was so yummy.  Everyone loved it!  Mikkel out did herself.  She is such a great friend.  He also got us all Magical Gathering buttons and sent them along with a fabulous card via Jason, since she was in NY for a wedding.  We got to meet up later during the honeymoon so that was great!

Imported Photos 00126Imported Photos 00137

After cake and Banana Bread pudding we were all so tired. This is me Getting the Bill for dinner for 22 people!  (LoL….Nah It was just what I had expected!)

Imported Photos 00159

We got taxis back to the Pop Century Resort and crashed for the night.  Well most of us crashed.  Pete and Nikki’s husband Jason took a walk around the resort to help get their food to digest.  It was soo much food!  I fell asleep sooo fast, it was a long long day!

Imported Photos 01503

You can Check out all the Pictures from Day One HERE!

Sneak Peak

One of My Favorite Wedding Pictures