Wedding Trip Report – Day One

I am going to start my wedding trip report now that all of my company has headed home.

Imported Photos 01408 Imported Photos 01409

Our trip started on November 1, 2008!  We woke up bright and early at 5am.  I couldn’t sleep anyway!  I was so excited.  We were leaving for Florida!!!  I called Laura to make sure she was awake and she and my brother in law, Brandon and Niece Alyssa were heading to my Dad’s house, the designated meeting spot.  Our fight was leaving at 8:50am and we got to BWI Airport around 7:00am.  The cars were loaded to the tops!  It was nuts.  Pete and I had 5 suitcases alone. It was so early. Alyssa was still Sleepy!

 Imported Photos 01417

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We checked in and the witch working the Airtran counter charged us $117 for extra baggage fees.  Since we bought out tickets back in February we were allowed 2 bags each.  Pete and I each had two and sent one with my Dad.  BUT two of my Bags were overweight and one was over sized.  Darn airlines and all of their dumb rules! The kids were all decked out in Cinderella gear and so excited about their first Airplane rides.

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When we got to our gate I went to talk to the flight attendant.  I needed a place to store my dress.  She gladly switched us to an exit row so we could board first.  I got one whole overhead for my dress.  The flight was un-eventful and we got to Florida before 11am. 

Imported Photos 01448
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We got off of the plane and headed down to the first floor of the airport to catch the Magical Express bus to the Pop Century Resort.  Ryleah sat in the front seat with me and we started watching the video they show on the bus and then she fell fast asleep and missed the Welcome to Disney World Sign.

Imported Photos 01467

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As I was getting off of the Disney Bus I heard “Are you Goldeelox?”  I turned around and said yes.  The girl then said “I’m StitchlovesTink”.  We laughed and talked about the upcoming cruise.  It was so neat to meet her.  I met TONS of people who had followed my trip on the DisBoards.  That was really fun to try to explain to my Internet incompetent father.  LOL

Imported Photos 01471

Imported Photos 01472

When we checked into the hotel our room was not yet ready, but my Dad’s room was so we dropped our stuff off there and headed to find Pete’s Parents.  It had been over a year since we had saw them in person and we missed them so much.  We headed to their room and when we called they told us they were up at the food court.  Pete and I headed that way. 

We walked into the food court and seen Pete’s Dad.  He video’ed us walking towards him, but he turned it off and jumped up to give us big hugs.  Then Pete’s mom and sister headed over from the gift shop.  There were lots of hugs.  We all sat down and talked about what to do.  Pete and I had originally planned to head to Downtown Disney so we tossed that idea out to his parents.  They thought it sounded great so we headed to the buses.  It was so good to see them after so long.

Imported Photos 01474

We waited no more then 7 minutes or so for a bus the whole trip and this was no different.  It was great.  We all loaded onto the bus and were at Downtown Disney in about 15 minutes.   While we were on the bus I called to see if we could get ADR’s at Raglan Road.  They told me that 1:00pm was the ONLY time they had available.  I said ok and knew we would be 5 minutes late or so.  The restaurant was EMPTY!  We could have walked in anytime during the hour or 1.5 hours we were there.

Imported Photos 01482

Oh well….The food was amazing.  We all enjoyed it totally!  After we were done eating we headed out to walk around.  I love the World of Disney Store.  I didn’t buy a single thing though, I didn’t want to have to drag it onto the cruise.  It was getting late so we had to head for the buses.

Once we got back to the hotel our room was ready and we got our things from Laura’s room and went to our room.  We discovered that our room was right in the middle of Nikki’s and Crystal’s rooms.  My room connected with Crystal’s.  Dakoda and Ryleah came over to visit until it was time to get ready for our rehersal dinner.

Imported Photos 00049

Pete and I showered and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We all met at the front of the hotel and got taxis to the Polynesian Hotel.   This hotel is so pretty!  Jason, my friend Mikkel’s fiance delivered Pete’s Groom’s Cake, but the restaurant wouldn’t take it into the kitchen to be served since they didn’t make it.  I gave it to Pete while we were waiting for our table.  Our reservations were for 8:30pm, but we did not get our seats until 9:15pm or so.  We could see the Wishes fireworks from our table, it was great!   

Imported Photos 00061

The food here was wonderful.  Everyone enjoyed it.  The serve all this meat off of skewers.  We had Steak, Turkey, Shrimp and Pork along with noodles, the best salad ever, veggies and wontons.  I didn’t take any pictures, I was too excited.  We took our gifts bags for the kids and for our parents and they loved them.  Ryleah LOVED taking pictures with her camera!  We gave my Dad a pocket knife, a Raven’s Flask, a Beach bag, a Father of the Bride hat and a Hankie from me that said “Daddy, Today a Bride, Tomorrow a Wife, Always your Little Girl, November 4, 2008, Love Lisa”.  We gave Pete’s Dad a Father of the Groom hat, a Pocket Watch and a stuffed animal.  His Mom got a locket and necklace, a Hankie for me, a Stuffed animal and they got a Beach Bag to share.  We also gave his mom and sister Mother and Sister of the Groom shirts.

Pete cut his HUGE cake and we passed it around.  It was so yummy.  Everyone loved it!  Mikkel out did herself.  She is such a great friend.  He also got us all Magical Gathering buttons and sent them along with a fabulous card via Jason, since she was in NY for a wedding.  We got to meet up later during the honeymoon so that was great!

Imported Photos 00126Imported Photos 00137

After cake and Banana Bread pudding we were all so tired. This is me Getting the Bill for dinner for 22 people!  (LoL….Nah It was just what I had expected!)

Imported Photos 00159

We got taxis back to the Pop Century Resort and crashed for the night.  Well most of us crashed.  Pete and Nikki’s husband Jason took a walk around the resort to help get their food to digest.  It was soo much food!  I fell asleep sooo fast, it was a long long day!

Imported Photos 01503

You can Check out all the Pictures from Day One HERE!


8 Responses to “Wedding Trip Report – Day One”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Wonderful day 1 recap! You will LOVE having this wedding trip report to look back on. I read through ours from time to time, and it makes me smile so much!!!!!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing! The cake loooks amazingly delicious too! Magical disneyland!

  3. mamamichele Says:

    aww how fun to see the parts of the trip that we missed 🙂 Great job so far! keep it up.

  4. Shannon Says:

    That was the best rehearsal dinner I’d ever been to!

  5. Ani Says:

    Gosh what an amazing day 1. Thanks for posting and pics:)

  6. Jenna Says:

    ahh what a great day 1!

    i absolutely LOVE pete’s cake! it turned out sooooo good!

    looking forward to day 2! 🙂

  7. jesser Says:

    Wonderful update. Sounds like you had a blast. Congrats on your nuptials.

  8. Lauren Says:

    OMG that cake looks so GOOD!

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