Wedding Trip Report – Day 2

I woke up early as heck this morning.  See we set the clocks back last night before we went to sleep, well we should have!  I woke up and started packing and Pete rolled over and asked me what time it was…I told him a few minutes after 7….Nope a few minutes after 6!  LOL  So I got back in bed, but I was wide awake.  It was cruise day!  EKKK!  So Pete said lets head up for some breakfast.  We were like the 9th people at the food court.  We got our breakfast and we got coffee for Pete’s parents and took it to them.  I headed back to our room to finish packing and Pete went to get a luggage cart to help get his parent’s bags and stuff. 

 Imported Photos 01506Imported Photos 00174

I stopped by my Sister’s room to say good morning to my favorite baby!  We hung out a few minutes, but I still had lots of packing to do.  Dakoda came over and helped me pack, or watched Little Einstein’s….whatever!  Crystal made him go get some breakfast and I had just about everything packed and was finishing last minute stuff when Ryleah came and hung out with me.  I swear I love these kids.  I totally loved being surrounded by them all during this trip.  I can not imagine this trip with out the kids, without my friends, without my family.  SO wonderful!  We were all checked out by 9:00am and the vans were already out front.  YAY!

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I walked over and they had my name on a sign in the window.  They were ours!  We loaded up and hit the road.  We were all excited.  We stopped at a liquorstore since Disney lets you BYOB.  We were so early the liquor part of the store wasn’t opened yet.  Oh well, some people got a few 6 packs and we will be in the Bahamas tomorrow.  I got a text from Kim, and she, Edwin & Julie had landed and were boarding the Magical Express.  Yay all of my favorite people were finally in Florida!

 Imported Photos 01520

We got dropped off outside the terminal and flashed our passports and were on our way.  We walked in and breezed through security.  We headed up the escalator and made our way to the check in desk!  Since about 1/2 of us had cruised before we headed to the Castaway Club desk.  Disney assigns numbers and then calls them for boarding.  Since we are getting married they saved us a No. 2, we were told our whole group could board with us…it was like 20 of us there at this point.  After a quick picture with first mate Goofy our number was called and we headed onto the ship!

 Imported Photos 01525

We had receiveda card at check that told us to meet with our wedding coordinator, Lars at 3:00pm at Guest Services, but we had 3.5 hours or so until then.  I gave my dress to Guest Services for steaming and took care of a small onboard credit issue my Dad had and them we headed to Parrot Cay for a Welcome Buffet.  Little did we know half of our group had went up to Beach Blanket Buffet instead of Parrot Cay.  So we were split up.  Lunch was great and then the waitress comes and says “do you have room at your table for this family?”  I was thinking NOOO!  LOL  I looked over and it was Kim, Julie and Edwin.  Yay, of course there is room!

Imported Photos 01545

We all enjoyed lunch, but were starting to get tired.  Our rooms should have been ready at 1pm and it was 12:45pm now so we all headed to our rooms.

Imported Photos 00179Imported Photos 00182 

Half of our group had inside cabins and half of us had Balcony rooms.   We were all on the same floor and all right in a row.  It was great.  Now we had a Balcony, but only because it was our wedding.  I have cruised many times in both inside and outside cabins, it doesn’t matter what kinda room you have there is so much to do on the ship you are a fool if you spend anytime at all in your room.  We only slept there!

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A few of our bags had arrived, but not all.  No big deal.  We went to explore the ship.  We walked along Route 66 and ended in Diversions….Who did we run into, but Jon and Hale.  My friend Shannon’s husband and father.  It was nice to say hi and talk to them for a while.

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Soon it was 3pm and we headed to Guest Services to meet Lars.  Now what we didn’t make public knowledge was that our civil ceremony was going to take place today before we left Florida.  We didn’t want to take away from our real wedding so we only told Laura and Brandon, the Maid of Honor and Best Man.  We didn’t want some strangers signing out marriage license, we wanted our best people!  Laura tool pictures and we all teared up!  It was official we were Mr. & Mrs. Reese, but shhhhhh, we aren’t telling. 

Imported Photos 00209

Imported Photos 00214

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Laura had planned for the four of us to go for a celebratory drink, but we had to meet with Lars.  Laura and Edwin headed to the bar and Pete and I went to another bar to sit quietly to talk to Lars.  I gave him the programs, the CD’s and the order of how things were to be done.  We chatted a few minutes and then it hit me……I left all of Pete’s shoes in Maryland!  His sandals for the wedding, his shoes for the Magic Kingdom Photos.  ALL OF THEM!!!!!  It was horrible, I started crying right away.  I cried all the way back to our room, I cried in our room, Pete got Laura and she tried to calm me down, but it was hard.  All my planning, all my work and I forgot Pete’s shoes!!!!!!!!  Pete went to help his parents get up to the muster drill.  They are older and have some mobility issues so we didn’t want them to have to wait long for an elevator.  I stayed in the room and tried to stop crying.  It was awful!  (Now that it is over, it wasn’t that big of a deal and it was the only snag in the whole 12 days). 

We were all lined up in our life vest and Shannon saw that I had been crying.  I was trying to tell her way, but she was like 3 groups of people down from me.  Finally the lady leading the drill let her come hug me.  She offered up Jon’s shoes, which Pete did wear for our Palo brunch.  I calmed down and realized it was ok.  Laura said she would ship the shoes to us for the Magic Kingdom Pictures and Pete could wear his flip flops for the beach wedding, all would be fine. The kids all liked trying on their life jackets!

Imported Photos 00235Imported Photos 00232Imported Photos 00234

It was time to Part-ty!  It was time for the sail away party.  We all went to our rooms to return our life vest and then headed to the deck.  Well first I took a detour to thr photo department to try to talk them into giving me what I wanted.  It didn’t happen, but I did line up an experienced photo grapher for the wedding day!

 Imported Photos 00237

It was great…I love that the horn plays the first few notes of “When You WIsh Upon A Star”….Magical!  The kids danced, I took pictures and we all had a good time.  Once I got back to the room I was thirsty and Pete wanted a snack so we called room service.  We got an All Hands on Deck cheese try and a hot dog.  Love the 24 hour room service.

Imported Photos 00302

We had late dinner and early show, which ment we had to go get ready for the nights activities. Most of us made it to the show.  It was so great.  I loved it.  The Golden Mickey’s.  It was an awards show, like the Golden Globes.   The kids loved it, I loved it.  It was fun!  Disney is so great, after the show there is about 45 minutes until dinner.  This gave Crystal, Kim and Nikki time to take the kids to the clubs.  There also a short game show or something during this in between time.  I went back to the room and changed I think, then it was dinner time.

We had dinner this first night at Parrot Cay.  OMG  I had the best steak.  It was so good.  We all enjoyed dinner and only Michele and Jason and Crystal’s mom were a bit sea sick.  They all applied their sea sick patches and were fine from there on out.  All of our tables were close to one another so during dinner Pete and I mingled around.  The whole point in the cruise wedding was to spend time with our guest.  We didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked, but we spent way more time then we would have gotten to if our wedding was here.

Imported Photos 00323Imported Photos 00324Imported Photos 00327

After dinner there was a “Dating Game” type show that Pete and I wanted to get picked for so we headed to Wave Bands to  see what was up.  We didn’t get picked, but Michele, Steven, my Dad, Pete and I enjoyed ourselves.  After the game show Michele and Steven went to bed and Pete, my Dad and I checked out the score of “the Game” in the sports bar before heading back to our rooms.  It turned out to be 70’s night so we stopped and watched a bit of the disco show too. 

Imported Photos 00337Imported Photos 00341

Imported Photos 00343

It was a LONG LONG EXCITING day, and now it was time for SLEEP!  We all headed to our cabins.  I think Pete may have went to sit on deck with Edwin, but I am not sure.  I was asleep as soon as my head it the pillow!

You can check out all of the pictures from Day Two HERE!


4 Responses to “Wedding Trip Report – Day 2”

  1. shannon Says:

    I knew about the civil service and I kept the secret!
    We LOVED our staterooms and actually spent more time in them than I thought we would. The balcony was fab!
    I was so glad the mustard drill leader let me go hug you! And that Jon’s shoes fit Pete’s feet!
    I hate I missed the Golden Mickeys. Next time I’ll see it for sure!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    OMG … you got married techically on November 2nd? So when will you celebrate your anniversary? Great photos! Love your detailed descriptions!

  3. Christy Says:

    I am loving all the wedding updates! Can’t wait until the next one! Looks like so much fun! 🙂

  4. judrops Says:

    Hi my name is Jules and I live over the big pond in the Uk.
    I have just joined this site and god knows how but I came across your blog and loved looking through it.. Your pictures in Disney bought back lots of happy memories for me as I spent some time there about 4yrs ago.. Had such a fanstatic time…

    Your little girl is adorable ..

    Ive no idea what to do in my blog, so Im just on the look out for some ideas, lol ..

    God Bless
    xx xx xx

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