I want to interupt these Trip Reports…..

Pete and I bought a new bed!  I am so excited.  We got a king sized Sealy Posturepedic It is sooo nice.  I can not wait until it gets delivered.  We spent about half of our wedding money on it.  It is a good investment.  Now we sleep in Pete’s bed.  It is his bed that he had in Iowa while he was in Chiropractic School.  It is old, like 10 years and we are so ready for an upgrade.  We will be moving our old bed into the guest room.  I love having aguest room.  It makes things so easy when we have guests.  Now it will even be better because they will have more room. 

To go with our new bed we needed sheets.  So we headed to Macy’s last night and got a great bedroom set:



We got everthing you see:  Bedskirt, Bedspread, Sheets, Two differant Pillowshams, Two sets of curtians and throw pillows!

Isn’t it soo pretty!  I totally love it and can not wait to sleep in all the new bed splender!

This weekend we are heading to Ocean CIty and Rehoboth for some shopping and a post wedding getaway!  I can not wait for Friday to get here!


7 Responses to “NEW BED”

  1. mrs. fitnessgeek Says:

    i love the bedding!! now i’m totally ready to upgrade mine again!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    That’s GORGEOUS, Lisa!!! I love brown and blue together! Just beware … you might be spending *so* much time in your new bedroom splendor that nine months later … well, you know! haha 🙂

  3. shannon Says:

    LOVE love love the bed set! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Ani Says:

    I love the colors! So pretty. Congrats.

    Have a great weekend. I keep telling Niel I want to go back to Rehoboth and take Olivia this time. Thanks for talking about it so often.

  5. Michele Says:

    oooooo I love love love that set. It is so pretty. Brown is totally the new black. Congrats on the new bed. A Great way to start out a new marriage!

  6. whimsicalchaos Says:

    love the new bedding… we need to get a new bed bad… maybe in Feb… but jeremy would love a bed like that… but i’m not sure yet… but, did you get the gift from Lisanne and I yet?

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