Wedding Trip – Day 3

Today was our first full day of our cruise.  We were all excited, but me the most!  Tomorrow was my wedding day!  EKKK!  I was up at 6am (again…see a trend here).  I just could not sleep.  Our bed was soo comfy, but I had the whole day ahead of me!  We were visiting Nassau, The Bahamas today!  I head sweet Alyssa “talking” next door and went out on the balcony to visit her.  They were all up and getting ready for thier day too!  Alyssa came to our room to visit me and Uncle Petey while Laura got dressed.  Have I mentioned how much I love this baby? 

Imported Photos 00355

Pete went to his parents room to see if they wanted to join us for breakfast.  I headed to the buffet with Alyssa, Laura, Brandon, my Dad, Miss Joyce and Timmy.  We tried to hold a table but for some reason Pete’s dad went on the other side of the restaurant.  I ate with my family and Pete was torn so he went and ate with his family.  I don’t really understand all of what was going on, but oh well!

Imported Photos 00359

Imported Photos 00360Imported Photos 00361

Breakfast was good until one of the workers spilled bleach on my extremely fair skinned (red headed) niece!  Laura took Alyssa up to bathe her and I headed to the lobby.  I knew it was the princess meet & greet and my favorite little flower girl was dying to meet her “Best Friend” Cinderella.  Well I was two seconds too late and she had already met Cinderella.  She now was meeting Snow White.  Well she was telling Snow White all about meeting Cinderella, then she moved on to Belle, again Bell heard all about the greatness of the “Boss of the Princesses”, Cinderella.

Imported Photos 00369

We then headed upstairs where Alice (from Wonderland of course) and Captain Hook and Wendy were waiting for visitors. Ryleah was could see Cinderella from the overlook and she took Alice over for a look.

Imported Photos 00382

She told Alice how Cinderella was her favorite and she met her.  Alice not missing a beat told Ryleah she looked just like Cinderella and asked if she could get her picture taken with “Cinderella”.  Ryleah smiled and posed for a quick picture before moving on to meet Captain hook.  She wasn’t scared at all.  I think Disney puts Wendy out with him as a buffer.

Imported Photos 00376

I hugged and kissed my favorite princess and told her I would see her later.

Imported Photos 00372

  I went down to deck two forward (not aft as we had been told by a waiter in the buffet) to wait for Pete and his parents.  Who is waiting right there to also get off but my good friend Michele and her husband.  We sat and talked until the opened the gangway up.  Right before they opened the gangway up Pete and his parents showed up.

 Imported Photos 00390

We got off the ship early, like 9:15am.  We had to meet our tour guide at 10am.  We decided I would go ahead and meet her and then Pete would walk with his parents and sister.  I told him I would be at the fountain across from the buildings.  I didn’t know what fountain or where it was located.  They were the instructions from the tour guide so I passed them on.  When I got to the fountain who was right there but Michele and Steven again. 

Imported Photos 00392

We talked some more while I waited for Pete and his family.  I saw our tour guide and I told her that Pete’s parents were older and couldn’t walk all that well and she agreed to come to the gate to get them.  Well right after that I saw Pete and he was upset.  He couldn’t find me (I was at the fountain like I said).  I think he was really upset because the walk from the cruise ship to the tour was hard on his parents and sister.  They have been living in Arizona for 2 years and the humidity, along with mobility problems and his dad’s COPD really took a toll on them.  Once we all got in the van I was concerned for his dad who was having a difficult time breathing so I asked to tour guide to stop at a store and I ran in to get us some water.  After sitting in the AC a bit and having something to drink his parents started feeling better. 

I at this time decided to cut a bunch of stuff from our tour.  It was just too much for them.  I didn’t realize it when we booked the tour.  I just knew Pete’s family wanted to do “something” in the Bahamas and I thought the guided tour would be the best.  I didn’t even think about the walk from the ship to the town.  Anyway….We ended up driving to most of the locations on my list, but not really getting out.  We went to Fort Fin Castle, The Queens Staircase, Fort Charlotte, Gray Cliff, a seafood place (Pete’s dad wanted Conch) and a little driving tour.  Our tour guide was chocked full of information.  Graycliff is a Cigar place, well a upscale resurant and it has a humidor and a bunch of Cubans rolling (legal) cigars.  Pete got cigars for all the guys on the trip and they enjoyed them (yuk!) later on the top deck! 

Imported Photos 00395Imported Photos 00400Imported Photos 00408

Imported Photos 00419
Imported Photos 00423
Imported Photos 00422

In the Cigar bar there is a smoking room full of chairs and all.  The whole place smelled so bad I almost got sick.  In the Cigar lounge area there was a HIGHCHAIR!  Ugh!  It was nuts.

Imported Photos 00427

I also saw a foreign child removing her (oh I know for sure it was a girl) diaper and her parents didn’t seem to care. 

Imported Photos 00412

After our tour Pete’s sister wanted to shop around and I wanted back on the ship.  I was pretty miserable, I was hot and I was disappointed that the tour turned out the way it did.  I felt bad for Pete’s parents, they looked beat and needed a rest so bad.  We had the tour guide try to get us a cart to take them to the ship, but the best we could do was the little shuttle that we had to wait a while for. 

Pete helped his parents to their room and I went back to ours.  We were greeted with a plate of cookies…everyday we got some little surprise in our room.  It was so nice.

Imported Photos 00452

We changed and headed to Tritons for some real lunch.  The Conch was not to great and we were hungry.  Tritons is a fancy place and the place we were having dinner that night.  We spilt a burger and some mushroom risotto.  YUM!  I also ran into Karen and Kayla…They were friends from the Disboards and were also holding a “meet in the Sweet” later on the cruise since they had an awesome suite on the ship.

Imported Photos 00453

After lunch we walked around the empty ship some.  I was so wishing we had just spent the day on board enjoying all the greatness the ship has to offer.  We got near the adult pool and bumped into my BFF’s Nikki & Crystal who were hanging out with their family.  It was so nice.  I talked to Pete and we decided to go put on our swim suits and join them.  We headed down to change.

Once in our room Pete needed a nap.  So I changed, lotion-ed up and hit the deck with the girls.  It was great.  The best afternoon of the trip.  The kids were all enjoying a day in the kids club and us adults had drinks and lounged.  We were joined by Laura and Michele and it was a fun afternoon.  I kept watching for Pete to join us, but he didn’t.  Guess he was sleeping good. 

Crystal got a page from the kids club and Dakoda was done hunting huffalumps and was ready to go.  Nikki went with her and they got the kids and I have no idea what they did next.  Michele, Laura and I hung out for a while.  I needed to get ready for dinner so I said goodby and stopped by the bar and sent Laura a drink.  The waiter took it over to her and she was almost asleep in the pool and he startled her.  She got out and ran over to thank me.  I headed down to our floor and there was Pete at the elevators all dressed in his swim suit (That I left on board the ship).  I changed my mind and headed back to the pool.  Laura was still waiting there so we all got in the pool, then the hot tub!  It was the best afternoon. 

Tonight was the Toy Story show and I forgot my Camera. It was the worst of all the shows, not very entertaining. The beginning was good, but the middle and end were bad. Dakoda and Ryleah loved it though.

It was formal night at dinner so we all got dressed up and had a great dinner in Tritons. I sat and enjoyed desert with Shannon, Jon and Shannon’s parents. Our waiter made Shannon Minnie ears so she could look like me.

Imported Photos 00501

After dinner the guys were heading to the deck to smoke and the girls were going to go to a club, but I was tired.  

I don’t think I have mentioned my father shaving Mickey into the back of his head!  I was sooo angry when I saw it, but part of my anger was I was putting my Mom’s picture into the locket I was attaching to my bouquet and I was missing her when my Dad walked in and showed off his handy work the day before we left for Florida. It did end up growing on me.  So anyways this night he blackened the shaved part in.

Imported Photos 00495

I swear he is 12 years old some times, and not the cool ready for highschool 12 year old, but the nerdy I am in middle school 12 year old! Sometimes my sister is a 12 year old too. LOL She ordered Mickey Bars everynight for desert.

Imported Photos 00494

It was so exciting I was getting married in the morning.  Nikki, Crystal, Laura and Ms. Linda, Crystal’s mom came into my room to wish me good luck!  After our short visit I was asleep, sound asleep until, yup you guessed it 6am!

You can see all of the pictures from Day Three HERE!


3 Responses to “Wedding Trip – Day 3”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Love that you photographed the diaper removing child!

  2. Ani Says:

    What an exciting time. Glad Alyssa is alright.

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    wow it looks like you had a great time… so sorry things didn’t workout too well for Pete’s parents… I hope they had a good time…

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